Gemini Club – “Fret & Regret”

Gemini Club have long been the kings of indie dance grooves with a slightly paranoid tilt. Like music made exclusively for chase/fight scene montages involving secret societies or hooded villains. “Fret & Regret” is another slice of edgy dance goodness with killer guitar riffage and some spooky vocal chanting to round out the dance-party-fight-scene in my head.  Read more

Gemini Club – “Empty Bed”

Sounds like… our homies Gemini Club are swinging for the strobe-lit fences with this epic catchy grinder of a jam. Its been a full year since we got any new music from these guys so here’s to hoping this is the beginning of a big 2015.

Location: Chicago, IL

Future: More, more, more!

[SXSW INTERVIEW] Gemini Club talk about 6th gear, San Francisco, and trying to be on time…

Gemini Club have been one of our favorite bands (and friends) since they killed it at The Burning Ear SXSW showcase 2 years ago. So we celebrated our anniversary with some breakfast tacos and tales from the road. Enjoy. We sure did.

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SXSW Recap – March 11 & 12

[tps_header] SXSW has been too crazy to give you guys a proper recap but here are the highlights from The Burning Ear Instagram from the first 2 days. I’ve partnered with the awesome guys at California Limited and been down here cooking up some really cool stuff for you guys. I caught some great shows and had some awesome breakfasts. Stay tuned for the full interviews coming soon and make sure you are following The Burning Ear on Instagram for all the action!


Tuesday – 3/11

Hunter Hunted

[MP3] Gemini Club – “Preacher”

Finally! New Gemini Club! If you have seen their live show then you’ll recognize this jam as the one you wished you had in your iTunes. Now you can! Stop complaining!

“Preacher” is a personal song for singer Tom Gavin. Growing up in a Catholic family he witnessed a lot of great and influential priests positively influencing his community. But when his sister came out he “could no longer support an institution that condemned her. It was a weird time.” As someone who has experienced the same with my family I can totally understand. Cheers to weaving deep personal experiences into beautiful dance music! Catch the Chicago band opening for The Sounds here in Los Angeles tomorrow night.

[MP3] Gemini Club – “Sparklers” (2013 version)

Gemini Club

I love Gemini Club. I love sparklers. I also love “Sparklers”. But really I love dance songs that shred. “Sparklers” was on their 2012 album Here We Sit but has been re-mixed and remastered for 2013 and frankly sounds like 2014.

[EP] Gemini Club – HERE WE SIT (w/ “Show My Hands”)

truth for the fools who believe what they want to at night to sleep

Gemini Club are no slouches. From their smash single “By Surprise” straight through their standout SXSW set they have been rocking hard and keeping their game tight. Their 2012 EP Here We Sit is no exception. 7 tracks full of the finest dance grooves you will hear this year. The kind of music you can dance to on the 1st listen just as easily as the 10th. Picking a favorite jam to showcase here is a bit of a silly affair but I’m gonna go with “Show My Hands” for it’s stuttering beat, tense groove, jangling guitar and handclaps. Oh, handclaps. If you were worried that these guys were too polished and easily enjoyable then you dubheads will be happy with the dirty bits in “Can’t Believe You Said That.” “Sparklers” follows with a high speed synth assault on your dance nerves that should be banned from playing in cars for causing excessive speeds. And the rest of the jams follow suit accordingly. I’d write more but really I’d rather get back to rocking out. Stream it all here. Cheers.

[PLAYLIST] The Best REMIXES of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

So far, this year has been one of the best for remixes, making this list no easy feat. Speaking of feet, you should warm them up because they will moving in a second…

(Artwork pattern drawn by a Lego Turntable robot)

25. Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) / And suddenly Toby Keith is not only palatable but highly listenable.

24. Y Luv – Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix) / It’s pretty impossible to improve on the original so taking it in a different direction was a wise move. Get pumped!

23. St Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) / How do you make tropical more tropical? Give Read more