Remix Roundup Vol. 72 – THE RETURN! PART 2 (Some 2013 classics)

I know, I know. I promised that The Remix Roundups were back when I posted Vol 71 but then life happened and anyway, here is Vol 72 for your weekend enjoyment! I’ve posted a bunch of these before but its sure been a while and now that the weather is warmer just grab the whole playlist and kick out the jams!

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Gentlemen Hall – “All Our Love”

[soundcloud id=’119625604′]

Cheers to RAC for his remix of “Sail Into The Sun” that perked my ears to these local indie-pop jammers. “All Our Love” is a shiny chunk of sing along goodness that is perfect for this February Summer here in Los Angeles. Windows down!

Gentlemen Hall – “Sail Into The Sun” (RAC Mix)

RAC recently released his debut EP and I’ve been meaning to review that and tack on this overlooked remix to it. But it keeps coming on in m car and I keep enjoying it so much that it deserves its own post. So there. RAC at his remix finest. God to hear.