[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 3.12.14

I’m here in Austin watching live music all day so I figure you guys want something to watch at home too. Here are the latest amazing videos that my eyeballs recommend. From magic lasers and bicycles to time travel and alternate realities. Things get weird, wonderful, and sometimes sentimental. And there are doughnuts. O’ there are doughnuts…

Oona – “Kaleidoscope”

Rob Cantor – “Old Friend”

George Ezra – “Cassy O'”

Wild Cub – “Thunder Clatter”

Satchmode – “Old Fears”

George Ezra – “Cassy O'”

London’s George Ezra packs a lot of voice into that sleight frame. “Cassy O'” is practically hurled from my speakers by the weight of that baritone. Its a voice that sticks in the brain, singing the chorus deep into the day. When paired with that jangly guitar work and crisp handclaps, I’m so sold. Watch out for the keyboard solo!