Kyson – “Pictures” + “Wattle Rise” // Brian Batt

You’re alone at a bus stop, the bus hasn’t come for over an hour, and there’s a steady stream of cars whizzing by. You might feel alone, exposed, contemplative – but don’t worry. Kyson is right here with you, he knows exactly what you’re going through, and he’s even called ahead to make sure a warm cup of tea will be ready for you as soon as you get home. And look, there’s the bus now.

“Pictures” is the third single taken from Kyson’s sophomore album ‘A Book Of Flying’, out now via Friends Of Friends.

“Wattle Rise” is part of Friends of Friends excellent ‘<a href=””>Up Too Early</a>’ compilation, which is perfect since the repeated “gonna face you” vocal sample used in this track is the same mantra I chant at the sun as I’m tangled up in my bedsheets. Careful that the plush, subby bass doesn’t pull you right back to bed.

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Giant Rooks – “New Estate” // JooHee Yoon

Listening to “New Estate” for the 3rd time in a row and I can feel my blood warming with each spin. Could be from all my dancing… or that Giant Rooks made a deal with devil for that guitar solo…

Check out their upcoming European tour here! And check out the beautiful EP art from our good friends YAWN (who did the Vinyl Moon logo and Volume 004)

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Jules Valeron – “Libertine” // Ed Spence

Speaking of Stranger Things… here is another great song to add a little tension to your Tuesday. Put this in your headphones and turn the most mundane activities into an otherworldly suspense scene.

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Goldroger – “Unter Nelken” // Matt Williams

If you’ve never got into German hip hop then Goldroger is the perfect dude to invite you behind the beaded curtain. I don’t even speak German but have had “Unter Nelken” on repeat the past few weeks and its been slowly loosening up my brain in all the right ways. I gotta be careful with what lyrics I drop at my local Biergarten…

Make sure to take a long gander at the beautiful cover art for the full LP Avrakadavra by the wonderful YAWN who did the artwork for Vinyl Moon Volume 004 (as well as the Vinyl Moon logo!)

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FIL BO RIVA – “Killer Queen” // Pedro Tapa

We’ve all had a killer queen. But I’m not sure I’ve ever had one the way Fil Bo Riva has. Love sure hurts and there is pain and heartache in every note of his voice as he longs for her.  I hope he gets her back… if only to reconnect with the muse that inspired such a fantastic song.

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FIL BO RIVA have twang LIKE i know EYE love but never DID hear quite like this

Heartbreak is never a straight line. Great songs about it shouldn’t be either.

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Sara Hartman – “Monster Lead Me Home” + “Two Feet Off The Ground”

There is something quite liberating about singing along to Sara Hartman at top volume. Even my best shower-singing voice wont come near her super-charges pipes so I can give up on matching her and just belt along with abandon. She steers this thing, I’m just along for the ride.

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HOST – “All Night Every Night”

Be careful with this little dancing genie. He just scored something at the back of the bottle and has gone all hyper. You’re gonna need more limbs if you hope to keep up once you’ve let him out.  Read more