VIMES – “Tuem”

We’ve heard that patience is a virtue… but its when you all have been waiting 2.5 years for new Vimes track and I finally give you a beauty like this that you really start to believe it. So crank up the lush and slippery grooves of “Tuem” and slide into this 6 minute virtuous journey with me and Vimes.  Read more

[PREMIERE] Ron Flieger – “Together”

Ron Flieger is all about good times. His tendency towards sexy single artwork is in line with his tendency towards sexy song singles in general. Much like the Vinyl Moon approved “Feel Your Love”, “Together” is a slippery smooth groove that backs Ron’s heart-on-sleeve romantic streak. Play it loud for your lover or just play it loud in your headphones and lift your feet and spirits.

Read more

Jesper Ryom – “Trivia”

Daydream break! Jesper Ryom has cordially invited you to step onto his magic carpet made of glass and slip into a few different dimensions before he sends you back to your desk. Try and slip off the ride when you see the dimension with the dance party going on. Its a good one.  Read more

LCMDF – “Procrastination 365”

This weekend you can braid your hair, bedazzle your sunglasses, sing into your hair curler, paint your nails, reorganize your jewelry, jump on the couch; but whatever you do, just don’t do any work!  Read more

Ron Flieger – “Song To You”

Our man Ron Flieger may have spent one too many Sunday afternoons cooking under the Summer sun because he spends most of his new single “Song To You” mumbling and grumbling through charmingly demented confessions of love and loss. Is he unhinged? Or just deliriously head over heels? Or is that just the same thing? As long as the man keeps putting his soul into grooves like this I don’t really care.  Read more

Deaths – “Voices”

Another beautifully haunting one from Deaths. “Voices” floats into your mind like a draft from an open window. Chilling yet refreshing. Calming but invigorating. And much like fresh air, the more you can get of it the better.  Read more

Lions Head – “Firecracker”

This new bouncy folk-groove jam from Lions Head arrives just in time for you to throw all your weekend essentials into a bandanna and tie that thing around a stick before you head out to train-hop your way into the heart of the next firecracker who will burn bright before breaking your heart, sending you back home with an empty bandanna but a full soul.  Read more

DEATHS – “Saviour”

Sometimes a song is great because it makes you feel comfortable and at ease with the flowers blossoming in your eyes and the sugar sweet hooks looping your ears. And sometimes a song is great because it makes you neck twitch and your arm-skin rise and you still come back for more. It makes you dance not from joy, but to spastically avoid the insects who are playing dance music in your kitchen.  Read more