[MP3] Frenzy – “Odyssey”

Find an extension cord to tie yourself down to your seat with because “Odyssey” is appropriately named and will easily suck you into a world where drunk guitars fight against sneaky bongos as the earth swirls beneath them. And Frenzy is giving away free tickets to this ride with a download here.  Read more

Ron Flieger – “Feel Your Love”

Yesterday Vinyl Moon passed it’s 100% funded goal on Kickstarter and today we are already at 112%. Ron Flieger’s new jam is the perfect soundtrack to all the love I’m feeling from around the world. Sure, Ron may have been singing about someone else, but I’m sitting here in my chair singing about all these amazing people. Close your eyes, drift along, and sing with me!

“Feel Your Love” is a new track from an upcoming EP out June 12th.

Ron Flieger - Feel Your Love

Roosevelt – “Night Moves”

New Roosevelt! What are you doing still sitting there? Grab your audio-helmet and get out there! Those post-apocalyptic future-scapes are not going to explore themselves! Damnit, don’t just go out with your lunar boots, take the hover-sled!  Read more

[MP3] Lions Head – “Begging”

Sounds like… a stripped back Hunter Hunted if produced by Milky Chance and the whole thing just happened really impromptu when everyone was sitting around a bonfire and roasting sausages and drinking beers and then some guy says he has a recording studio in his Orange 1974 Volkswagen bus. Not sure if thats how it really happened but probably something similar.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Future: Free download. Happy Friday.

Marcapasos – “Blown Job” + The Avener – “Fade Out Lines” (Marcapasos Remix)

Sounds like… a weird and wonderful trip through a demented forest of circus creatures suffering from Eggnog hangovers. And then the flute… Marcapasos leads with some odd sounds and I’m more than willing to follow.


Future: Dive into this remix below for some smoother grooves, and then his Spotify for more killer remixes and originals, all in their full non-snippet glory!

Les Loups – “Colourblind” (Ft. Cybil) [FREE MP3]

Sounds Like… this BBQ just got a whole hell of a lot sexier. I don’t recommend naked grill duty but sometimes the music kicks and you gotta disrobe. Those wieners can wait. This synchronized pool dance cannot.

Location: Hanover, Germany

Future: I’ll dry off and get back to the grill, I promise.

Lyrics corner (4th of July edition!): blow my mind, you’ve really got me going, lights collide like fireworks exploding

Milky Chance – “Stolen Dance”

Milky Chance are already huge in their native Germany but their fantastic Stolen Dance EP has just come out in the US and its high time these guys got some more love. Their brand of folk infused indie funk is a perfect way to spend an afternoon sitting in a hammock and watching the birds.

Robin Schulz – “Waves” (Bootleg)

I stumbled on this one yesterday thanks to Soundcloud and even though I’m 6 months late and a million plays late I still had to share. Waves is just a damn smooth and beautiful piece of music. The right amount of vocal soul to offset the drum machines. I want more like this.