Milk & Sugar – “Canto Del Pilon” + Taan Newjam Remix (Premiere)

Milk & Sugar - Canto Del Pilon

Germany’s Milk & Sugar are working a vibe right up our alley on this one. Reminds me of their countryman Wankelmut. “Canto Del Pilon” features venezuelan singer María Marquéz, a huge great star in Spanish Speaking Middle- and South America since the late 60s. “Canto Del Pilón“ is actually a black workers song about the colonial history of South America. Get into it! Then funk thinks up even more with the Taan Newjam remix. Oh yeah…

Bonus jam: Just because its so damn good…

Wankelmut & Emma-Louise – “My Head Is A Jungle “

Wankelmut & Emma-Louise - My Head Is A Jungle

Remember Wankelmut from his head turning “One Day” remix? Well the German newbie is back with an original track that simmers and funks in all the right ways. If you got into the full version of his “One Day” remix you’ll know that he likes to tease before he delivers. Things don’t fully kick off for a few minutes but by then the mood is set so right you are ready. Think of it as candles and soft music on a date. By the time Emma Louise’s voice comes across the table I’m ready to skip right to dessert.

[STREAM] Roosevelt – “Sea” + “Soleil”

if only i could see the time

  • Who: Marius Lauber
  • What: Chillwave dance groovers, like XX
  • Where: Cologne, Germany + Facebook
  • When: The “Sea” single is out now.
  • Why: I originally started this post to write about “Soleil” but then tracked down the A-side “Sea” and am now smitten with two Roosevelt jams. Germany’s Roosevelt makes the kind of beautiful dance music that appeals to both us “cool kids” and older generations as well. I know this because a my family asked about these tracks when they came on during the holidays. Gotta love a cross-generational jam. Thats what the holidays are all about. Anyway, don’t make me describe this magic. Just get into it. And turn it up. AND definitely watch this cute dog.

[MP3] Thomas Azier – “Red Eyes”

she could never be closer, and who’s the one who casts the spell?

♫ Thomas Azier – Red Eyes

First “Metropolitan Tribe” and now this? It’s looking like Berlin’s Thomas Azier has his sights set on getting us moving. “Red Eyes” gets a bit darker, using the range of Azier’s sharp voice over a slow burn beat that strobes and churns in the back alley of my mind.

[MP3] BODI BILL aren’t for listening to alone in a HOTEL

you speak in generous words but all i need is your money

♫ Bodi Bill – Hotel

If you were at all down with Copenhagen’s When Saints Go Machine then you’ll want to add this jam to that dusk-funk playlist. Berlin’s Bodi Bill have been around for a while but this new track caught my ear with it’s plinking, off-beat percussion, muted horns, and odd vocals. Definitely not the kind of track you want to be listening to alone after watching Black Swan. I recommend snow-dusted afternoon walks in the park as a much more suited setting. Look out for Bodi Bill’s next full length in March.

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[CvrUpYrRmx] Timid Tiger double-teams your ears!


Who got the power to make a difference?

Who got the power to make a change?

Timid Tiger – Womanizer (Britney Spears cover)

Yup, that’s right, this week’s CvrUpYrRmx is being fully handled by 5 dudes from Cologne, Germany who go by Timid Tiger. Don’t be fooled  theby name, these cats (ha!) are about as timid as Siegfried and Roy’s feline friends. I first heard of them when they won PMA’s “Womanizer” cover challenge. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then they achieved the impossible and made Lenny Kravitz actually listenable (danceable even!) with their remix of “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”

Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna My Way (Ft. Ludacris & Notorious B.I.G.) (Timid Tiger Remix)

As you can see/hear, German music exports have come a long way since Rammstein. If you are feeling their style on these two tracks (which you are) then you will be stoked to hear that they just released an EP! For Free! It includes the above tracks as well as 4 originals that prove these guys have chops beyond reworking other people’s material. I highly recommend you head over to PMA and check out the track-list, read a short interview, and download the full EP. Also get Gadget Girls, my favorite Timid Tiger song and for some reason not included on The PMA.EP.

Timid Tiger – Gadget Girls

Big ups to Pretty Much Amazing for all of this Timid Tiger Action * Timid Tiger on MySpace