[MP3] Ghost Hours – “Head” // Xabier Sagasta

Haunted by an ex-lover but actually wish you were more haunted? Ghost Hours has all your ex-lover haunting needs covered.

Download ‘HEAD’ mp3 for free here and then get into Ghost Hours’ “Can’t Stop Moving” on VINYL MOON Volume 003.

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GHOST HOURS tick along slowly FOR_ me when i’m caught up in YOU_

If you aren’t asking yourself “Who is this Ghost Hours??” then you already know he is one of the best things to come through my world lately.  Read more

Ghost Hours – “Oneness”

Vinyl Moon alum Ghost Hours is back and tonight he sneaks into your bedroom with a song sung straight into your dreams. Just hope you remember “Openess” when you wake up. This is a track you will want to have on repeat both day and night. There is no better sounds track for  Read more

Ghost Hours – “Fever”

Oh, Ghost Hours is coming back again and it’s gonna do me in. “Fever” is a haunting tale of man who can see his fate on the road ahead. He knows the fate it will bring but keeps right on wobbling towards it anyway. Its only a matter of time. So its best we sit with him. Together we can contemplate his future. And think about our own. And keep the track on repeat until it all makes some sort of sense.  Read more

Ghost Hours – “Cant Stop Moving”

Sounds likeDev Hynes ran into Caribou at the same weed dispensary and decided they should start a mellowed out side project in tribute to their shared medical condition.

Location: California

Future: Hopefully a hell of a lot more of this shimmering pulsing smooth groove magic from the brand new and unknown Ghost Hours.