Ghost Loft – “Be Easy”

Music for… soothing those hump day blues. Just when you were thinking about how its only Wednesday, the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and you hadn’t heard from Ghost Loft in like forever, the man materializes from this air to remind us all to be easy. Life is too short to not drift off into space every once in a while.

Location: Los Angeles

Future: He is being elusive but I have a feeling we are going to be getting more soon.

Remix Roundup Vol. 70 – Approx Feb 2013

100-bolt-paddedYup, another “better late than never” roundup coming at you straight from arctic February. But turn that frown upside down because it is Friday and you have the tunes to do the night justice. With warmer weather comes looser limbs. Move them.

[MP3] Ghost Loft – “Blow” & “Seconds”

baby let me love you now, ooh, wont you stay a while

♫ Ghost Loft – Blow

  • Who: Danny Choi
  • What: Sexwave, like Purity Ring, Rhye, The Weeknd
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Just a few singles so far.
  • Why: Do you remember Nowonder and that solid EP of hyper electronic instrumental jams? Well forget about that now because Danny Choi has a new project and it is even better. With Ghost Loft the beats are slippery and the added vocals dripping with intimacy. Time to make a mixtape for that special someone…

♫ Ghost Loft – Seconds