Glassio – “New York, New York II” // Art: Aleia Murawski & Samuel Copeland

Glassio gives us Big Apple dreams on their latest, “New York, New York II”, laced with just the right amount of wistful and melancholy. The verses call to mind the left-field production style of Baths, while the choruses launch into grand pop sheen. I’ve found this track best for gazing out at city lights late at night, but any time is as good as any for the city that never sleeps.

Stay up later with Glassio’s “Papaya,” as found on VINYL MOON Volume 027: Skyride.

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Glassio – “Back For More” + “New York, New York II” // Art: Antone Dolezal

Glassio focus on breaking the subtle boundaries between different genres of electronic music, going for a lush and trippy sound, which still retains a very upbeat tone.  The track has a really huge sound, which denotes an expertly crafted mix and a very commendable attention to details. These sounds are very evocative, and create a strong texture, rather than just focusing on a melodic line to remember. The fact that there are many layers to this release really allow the artist to achieve an extra sense of depth, making for a strong and balanced tone. “Back For More” sounds very modern and polished, and the mix has a great top-end sheen that really enhances the fidelity and the listening experience as a whole. This isn’t your average downtempo track, and it has a nice experimental twist, yet it still retains a nice and appealing vibe that resonates with listeners from all walks of life!

Get more of Glassio’s upcoming EP on “New York, New York II”

Get Glassio on vinyl with their jam “Papaya” on Vinyl Moon 027: Skyride.

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Glassio – “Daydream (feat. NAKAYA)” // Younes Klouche

Glassio is back on the blog with “Daydream”, a dance pop sure to get you dancing wherever you’re listening to this, whether you’re in the car or even at work.  Like the title suggests, “Daydream” feels like a lucid daydream you have while staring out of the window into the infinite universe.  Take a trip, and cross the bridge.

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Glassio – “Papaya” // Daniela Scherer

“Papaya” feels equally at home on the dance floor or bumping from your best friend’s car stereo. Like its namesake fruit, the song is bursting with color and flavor. Take a bite, and don’t be afraid to let the juice drip down your chin.

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Glassio – “Morning House (feat. Charles Fauna)” // Manon Wertenbroek

Let Glassio’s beats pull you out of your Monday shell and Charles Fauna’s silky voice calm your nerves as you face the week ahead. “Morning House” is a groover to keep on repeat until its infectious grooves have you sufficiently pumped!

Be sure to also get into the killer Charles Fauna (FKA Paideia) jam “Restless Child” on VINYL MOON Vol 014: From The Window

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