[MP3] Purity Ring – “Obedear”

all my dreams come back to me, all my wrinkles build on me

♫ Purity Ring – Obedear

  • Who: Corin (from Gobble Gobble) and Megan
  • What: Freaky groove waves, like The xx, Grimes, Evian Christ
  • Where: Edmonton, Canada + Facebook
  • When: Something is happening on 7/24/12.
  • Why: Just cause all their songs are one word doesn’t mean that the music is simple (or even that the “word” is). It’s been over a year since Purity Ring whispered promises in our ear as “Ungirthed.” This is only the 3rd song since then to come out but it continues pushing the envelope of their sound. “Obedear” gets darker with it’s hip-hop borrowed plink beat and pulsating wall of moans. It pretty weird but I could also see it in a prepping for battle montage scene in a major action movie. It’s got that slow tension. Lets hope they release it all on July 24th.

Brandon’s TBE Digest 22 [4.10.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

Watch out! ITS A BIG ONE! Bold is gold.

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♫ Jamaica – 1324 Jericho / New Jamaica track from their debut album I’ve yet to be inspired to listen to. Anyone heard it? This one is kinda basic but fun.

♫ Operator Please – Catapult / Australia’s Operator Please dropped a couple super-fun jams a few years back. Their latest has some spunk to it too.

♫ TV On The Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness / Well, it’s certainly no “Wolf Like Me.” New album is Read more

[EP] GOBBLE GOBBLE are anything but BORING and it would be a HORROR to lose them

that’s not what your body said

♫ Gobble Gobble – Boring Horror

Hold on to your faces, people, new Gobble Gobble just in time to loosen your limbs and send you into Friday ready for full dance floor flexing! “Boring Horror” is another ultra-spazz electro jam that defies you to move in time with the insane beats, jittery sounds, and chopped vocals. Gobble Gobble are the clearly insane Canadians behind last years epic “Seizure To The Metronome” and the whirlwind “Eat Son Son” (Part of the band is in side project Purity Ring as well!)  Those two tracks are bundled with “Boring Horror” and a couple fantastic remixes on this song’s 12″ single (I’m gonna call it an EP) which is out now! Play with care, everyone. Chiropractic care is not cheap.

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[MP3] PURITY RING have just UNGIRTHED their debut single on us all

ears ringing, teeth clicking

♫ Purity Ring – Ungirthed

I have no idea what ungirthed is supposed to mean but it may have something to do with the Capoeira-like battle dance between the ghostly dub drone and spritely angelic singing that is this magical song. Set that scene amidst stuttering and wobbly beats and twinkling instruments and you’ve got one of the more oddly addictive songs of the year so far. No surprise, really, when you know that Purity Ring is the side project of one of the guys in Canadian indie-spazzers Gobble Gobble, one of my favorite bands to freak their way onto the scene last year. Purity Ring is a different kind of beast, but one that that seems doubtless to lumber it’s way through our speakers much more this year.

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TBE Digest 13 – 9.29.2010 [Big Boi, Shakira, Japandroids, Justin Vernon, Safe, etc]

Lots of goodies in here! I won’t waste your time here so hop to it!

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♫ Gobble Gobble – Eat Sun, Son / New Gobble Gobble! I’m so pumped for a full length from these freaks!

♫ Shakira – Loca (feat. Dizzee Rascal) / Shakira is easily my favorite sub-5-foot singer and she is heating it up with Dizzee for some sexy sunset limbo parties!

♫ Big Boi – Lookin 4 Ya (ft. Andre 3000) [All Verses] / It’s the song you love, now with an extra verse from each of the Outkast boys! F yeah! Read more

GOBBLE GOBBLE execute a search and SEIZURE on wallflowers, sending them TO THE club in hell called the METRONOME

like a clairvoyant being ravished by the spirits

♫ Gobble Gobble – Seizure to the Metronome

Get those joints loose cause this jam is gonna make you groove in all kinds of awkward ways! I’m imagining those cosmos-faced astronauts Crip-walking on the moon with their forties lofting malt liquor into space. Gobble Gobble are perhaps the new band I’m most excited about these days. Their music is as weird and spastic as it is instantly catchy and danceable. It always feels as if about to unhinge and fall apart but somehow all these noises clash together in some sort of sonic synergy that gets me pumped! Of all places, they are from Edmonton, Canada, and have clearly not let any Vitamin D deficiency stunt their creative growth. I’ve nabbed three other tracks from them that are nearly as awesome as this one and using that math they have put out more great tracks this year then MGMT and Gorillaz combined. So crank this mutha and let it soundtrack your search for those other three gems!

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