Golden Coast – “Futurist”

Music for… kicking off 2015 right with a slinky indie groover all about keeping an eye on the future. This year will be a big one, I promise. Keep your chin up and even if your life goes to shit I can promise you that both The Burning Ear and Golden Coast will be bringing you big things…

Location: Los Angeles.

Future: Big things. Like I said.

Golden Coast – “Dream And An MPC”

Sounds like… Golden Coast are everything their debut jam “Break My Fall” had me hoping they would be. “Dream And An MPC” is the Summer anthem for academic slackers with a musical dream everywhere. Or just those of us who like pools, sunshine, and semi-naked bodies.

Location: Los Angeles.

Future: I’ve heard the rest of their debut EP and damn its solid. Keep an ear out.

[MP3] Golden Coast – “Break My Fall”

Music For… trying to make those trumpety synth noises with your mouth while you chase people around a pool with a super soaker filled with spiked iced tea.

Location: Los Angeles. Your next pool party.

Future: Your next, next pool party, thanks to the free mp3 here.