Remix Roundup 73 – [5.2.2014]

This is it folks, the official relaunch of the new Remix Roundups. They will be leaner, meaner, and much more frequent! Get into it for the weekend!

Such a killer remix!

Sunset pool parties here I come!

Gotta love the keytar!

Oooh, nice and gritty!

Another killer remix from Manu. So smoooth…

A match made in sunset summertime heaven…

Bounce with it all weekend.

Noah Diamond back with a sexy one!

MØ – “Don’t Wanna Dance” (Goldroom Remix)

Goldroom + MØ = the perfectly smooth way to start a weekend full of sunshine on your skin, grass on your feet, friends at your side, and the smell of a long summer ahead…

[SXSW INTERVIEW] Goldroom on collaboration, friendship, and growing up on a boat

Besides being one of the best sources of excellent music in recent years, Goldroom pretty much perfectly embodies the California Limited spirit of living our dreams under the sun. We hung out for Breakfast tacos on the Saturday morning of SXSW (ouch) and talked about his time spent on a boat as a kid, the move from the East Coast to his new home in Los Angeles, and making music with his friends.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 71 – THE RETURN! PART 1

I know, I know. It’s been too long. The Remix Roundups are back and I guarantee they will be more fun then ever. Here is Vol 71 for your weekend enjoyment and I already have Vol 72 coming together. Both of them are a kind of “house cleaning” of all the amazing remixes of 2013 that never got Roundup love. They will be followed by the Best Remixes of 2013 post. Thats a lot of music. Drink a lot of water and don’t forget to stretch.

Oh, and there are a few jams included in the ZIP below that aren’t on Soundcloud anymore so make sure you grab that…

[soundcloud id=’23474297′ format=’set’]

Get the ZIP

If the Jammer download page is not working with Facebook connect then please let me know in the comments below. There have been some problems and I want to get them sorted.

Goldroom – “Embrace” (Night Drive Remix)

2013 has been a big year for both Goldroom and Night Drive! Lucky us that we keep getting great tracks from both! I’m really loving the way Night Drive smoothed out “Embrace” into a jam I may not have even recognized. So smooth.

Goldroom – “St. Ides Heaven” (Elliott Smith Cover)

Goldroom - St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith Cover)

Goldroom is one of the best in the biz of tropical dance music but the man has a great point about the genre’s simpler & surface songwriting style.

Elliott Smith is one of my songwriting idols, simple as that. Sometimes I really feel like the emotional songwriting part of music gets a bit lost within the dance music world, which was a big reason I picked this amazing song to cover. I just wanted to try and do my best to honor such a great musician and one of my favorite songs.

I’m giving this song away for free (you can download it by clicking the above link) because I have an EP coming out on November 9th that I’d love for everyone to check out when it comes out. Its called the Embrace EP and its 6 songs, including my brand new single “Embrace”. Thanks to every one of you for all of the support you’ve been giving me recently, I just wanted to give you a free download as a thank you!

I’ve never gotten into Elliott Smith but I sure as hell like this track.

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 06.18.2013

Music-Video-RoundupSo many great videos here! Everything from serial killers to vintage ferraris. Dancers, lovers, and Mission Impossible outfits.

Imaginary Friend – “Nothing Alone”

I love the juxtaposition of the music’s tone with the video’s. Creepy magical! Read more

The Knocks – “Modern Hearts” ft. St. Lucia + Goldroom & Amtrac remixes

The Knocks - Modern Hearts ft. St. Luciasoon we’ll be in the open and the day will start

Another all-star cast assembled for a jam I should have brought you weeks ago! Everyone doing what they do best! The Knocks whipping up beats, St. Lucia crooning so smooth, and me being late as shit! Tag team! Enter Goldroom for the finishing move!

Update: Amtrac remix!