[MILESTONE] The Burning Ear’s 1000th post! A Celebration Mix!

Wow. Another mind-bending milestone in the TBE saga. 1000 is a big number but in the grand scheme of things it will only be the tip of the iceberg. Running this site for the past 28 months has been an honor and privilege and we all look forward to dropping more sweet jams for a long time to come. For now lets celebrate with a little mixtape I put together below. There is a theme in there somewhere…

There are some potential changes to the site underway but until I get a breather from work I won’t be able to think about any of that. I can say that today I will be retiring my tradition of post titles. There were a thing I started waaay back when and although they are sometimes fun I feel like a more straightforward title may be smoother for everyone involved. The Internet is confusing enough without me trying to “clever” with my post titles. Try to hold back the tears, I know. Anyway, to the music! Read more

GOOD SHOES are UNDER appreciated? You be in CONTROL!

the more i want the less i feel it, the more i get the less i need it

♫ Good Shoes – Under Control

Good Shoes are hit and miss. I have heard a few of their older tracks and been non-plussed. “Under Control” is a jam in my book and has been feeding my inner spazz for a few weeks now. Lukewarm reviews of their recent LP No Hope, No Future make me hesitant to move past “Under Control” to perhaps less green/rocking pastures. Anyone have any thoughts on the album? Do they maintain bass-lines as fun as this for all10 tracks or is it as exciting as that swimming pool looks? Their MySpace has a link to another free track for those of you feeling adventurous.

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