Remix Roundup /// Vol. 10 – Good vs. Bad

VS.You know what sucks? Being underwear-bound at your laptop because your face-hair trimmer lost charge midway through it’s duty so you cant shower or go out. You know what is great? Remixes and beer! What happens when you put them all together?

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GOOSEFLESH’s music isn’t STILL, it’s rather WILD

StillWild_RectoCoverhaving fun everyday and do it my way

♫ Gooseflesh – Still Wild

It’s Thursdy and time to get down. Good thing we have “Still Wild” from Istanbul’s Gooseflesh. Yes, by Istanbul, I do mean the city in Turkey that used to be Constantinople (thanks They Might Be Giants!). The duo is new on the scene but clearly mean business. As if wrestling leopards didn’t prove their seriousness, they went ahead and made good music too. “Still Wild” is a disco-fueled bumper-car ride through partyland that makes me think that Saturday night in Istanbul might be the illest party ever.

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