BF/C – “Gold” // Greg Barth

Moody, spacey, and pulsing, the latest from the electronic duo BF/C sounds like the opening credits soundtrack to a futuristic 80’s action film that never was, urging the protagonist onwards as he or she zooms through the foggy, neon-lit metropolis in their airborne motorcycle. Roll up your sports jacket sleeves, don the RayBans, and turn up “Gold”.

Keep living that 80’s fever-dream with BF/C’s “Temple” from VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Donnie Castle – “Oooh” // Narciso Espiritu

I can totally imagine driving fast through the countryside with Donnie Castle on blast through the windows! Well… until the car breaks down on the side of a dark back woods road… and then the sky starts doing things it isn’t supposed to.

Listen to the track on Spotify. Just don’t rely on cell reception to stream it…

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Zap Holmes – “Blue Tit” // Max Guther

Dawn breaks on the weekend and the sounds of “Blue Tit” fill my spirits as I head to the pool. You coming or what?

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BF/C is sitting atop the TEMPLE of weekend relaxation

Intergalactic space folk never sounded so good…

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Futile – “I Don’t/You Don’t”

Whatever he said or she said, its all out the window when Futile comes on full blast and that groove hits your pants and shoots down your legs. Suddenly the argument turns into a dance, with the push/pull dynamic taking a much more interesting turn.

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Ben Phipps – “Don’t Look Back” feat. Ashe

If you never forget then you never need to look back. The memories will always be better than anything you manage to glimpse over your shoulder. So drift away to what you remember and forget what you can’t see. Ben Phipps and Ashe will be happy to help.  Read more