[STREAM/VIDEO] Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra)”

told myself that you were right for me, but felt so lonely in your company, but that was love and it’s an ache i still remember

Taking a big momentum shift from last year’s list-topping “Eyes Wide Open,” Australia’s Gotye has returned with a song that hops and shuffles with delicate elegance. It took a few listens for me to really stop and listen (if you know what I mean) but once I did the whole thing took my breath right out of my lungs. Gotye’s vocals and lyrics are spot on as they wring every drop of sorrow from his broken relationship. When Kimbra comes in for the counter-point the whole things crystallizes into something truly magical. I highly recommend the video below for a visual take on the fractured love story. And for a glimpse of what one YouTube user accurately called Kimbra’s “amazing side-lip.” Stunning. All of it.

Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye

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The 25 Best Songs of 2010… Since Then (July-Dec.)

Here it is, for better or worse, for agreement or not, my list of the top 25 jams that rocked and/or rolled my ass during the second half of 2010. This is the 4th such list in TBE history and by far the most quality collection. There were  so many tracks that didn’t make the cut, and so many more that I think should be ranked higher. Can’t put ’em all in the top 10, now can I? Anyway, like all my lists, the ranking is loose. The quality, however, is tight as a drum… a tom-tom drum, perhaps…

25. ♫ Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow / Annnnd, this is why we don’t do year end lists before the YEAR ENDS. A late entry to my iTunes and an instant favorite. Swagger city up in this one! Push to start!

24. ♫ Fabolous – You Be Killin Em / Naw, Fabo, YOU be killen ’em. Niiice.

23. ♫ Muscles – Girl Crazy Go / Should be called “Brandon Crazy Go” cause that’s what happens. It’s like Read more

[MP3] GOTYE has his EYES on our WIDE world and is OPEN about his concerns

everything we had, everything we did, is buried in dust

♫ Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

Holy crap. This is epic. It’s spine-tingling even on it’s 5th listen. In spite of the preachy lyrics, the song’s heart quickening drama-pop holds the whole thing together so tightly that I keep hitting repeat. When I caught hold of Gotye’s fantatsic “Learnalilgivinanlovin'” last year I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be his next direction but I guess it has been 4 years since he released that up-beat single so all bets are off as to where his head is at now. I just hope it’s focused on getting a new album out because I could totally handle 9 more jams like this! Shit, that might be pretty intense. Maybe I actually couldn’t…

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TBE’s Summer In Hi-Fi /// A Summer Mix, Vol 1

Ahhh, summer… If mine wasn’t currently operating as the antithesis of all this relaxing and peaceful I would definitely have had this mix up sooner, but alas, it wasn’t to be. However, seeing as tomorrow I head out on an 18 day family vacation (never too old!) it’s time to get these summer jams pumping! Today is Volume 1 and the next two Fridays will bring Volumes 2 & 3 respectively. I’ve never understood the concept of an all-encompassing summer mix because like all things amazing, summer has many facets and is home to many moods. So I’ve gone and put together 3 full mixes of summer-themed goodness, each with it’s own sun-soaked vibe. Seeing as how this year’s summer was perhaps the most highly anticipated (and deserved) clump of warm days in Polish history I decided to kick off this summer mix series with a big rousing 54-minute high-five to the summer sun. Summer In Hi-Fi is a mix that celebrates summer with all the energy and eagerness of that first day at the beach or pool. Take a gander at the track list after the jump and download the whole mix right below!

zip file —> TBE’s Summer In Hi-Fi (Tracks 9 & 15 are switched in the filenames. Wont be able to fix that for a while. They are correct in the post, though!)

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 10 – Good vs. Bad

VS.You know what sucks? Being underwear-bound at your laptop because your face-hair trimmer lost charge midway through it’s duty so you cant shower or go out. You know what is great? Remixes and beer! What happens when you put them all together?

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Gotye thinks we need to Learnalilgivinanlovin’. Pardon?


what’s the use of keeping all the good things that you’ve found to yourself?

♫ Gotye – Learnalilgivinanlovin’

If listening to “Learnalilgivinanlovin'” makes you feel like you have traveled back in time then you would be right… except that the time you have traveled to is only 2006, the year Australia’s Gotye (via Belgium) released this track down under. Gotye has became a sort of Aussie sensation, even garnering comparisons to Beck. He is finally getting some love in the rest of the world as 2006’s Like Drawing Blood gets released stateside. Other tracks I have heard off Like Drawing Blood are very different in vibe and energy, but perhaps his various talents are what got the album nominated for an ARIA Award. I look forward to hearing the rest, especially if in accompanied by awesome album art like this! [Thanks PMA]

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