Gourmet – “Baby Boy”

Gourmet – “There You Go” // JAPA

Perfect soundtrack for walking around the city or neighborhood, observing all of the different interactions happening around you as you go running errands and maybe even making eye contact with that special someone.  This electronic pop song maintains a steady beat and groove to add that funk to your day, even adding a bluesy rock guitar solo to close off the song to finish it off with a bang.

Get some more Gourmet in your life with their fantastic “Rewind” on VINYL MOON: Night Eyes.

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Gourmet – “Yellow” // Victor Grasso

I like my pop weird with oddly specific lyrics, so Gourmet’s newest track is checking a lot of boxes for me. “Yellow” is a series of surreal snapshots above a serpentine synthline, minimal percussion giving the impression that Gourmet is creating this whole thing before your very eyes. What’s more, the song is available as a free download for a short while – you can grab it HERE.

If you’re hungry for more Gourmet, check out “Rewind” on VINYL MOON Volume 011: Night Eyes.

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Gourmet – “Good With A Nose Bleed” (Thor Rixon Remix)

I’ve been pretty off remixes lately but this Thor Rixton flip off the stellar Gourmet jam is pretty undeniable. The fantastic source material gets all kinds of weird jolts run through it, turning it into a wiggly dance-floor invader that is perfect a the weekend playing dress up with photo booth costumes.  Read more

[MP3] Gourmet – “Rewind”

The memories may be hazy but I can feel that I had a damn good time. The sun was out. Good friends were getting weird. And Gourmet was blasting on the stereo. Well, a new day means a new chance to listen to more Gourmet. Grab a free download of full album Cashmere and join me.  Read more