HAERTS – “Call My Name”

Haerts have been all the rage for a while now but this new slow groover “Call My Name” is their best work yet. More soothing Sunday evening music to help us all ease our way into the reality that the weekend is over.

[REMIX] HAERTS – “Wings” (Wildcat! Wildcat! Remix)


i’ll never let the magic go, i’ll float away into your afterglow

OOhh yeah. Wildcat! Wildcat! need to remix more often! Haerts’ original is a jam but this is next level. Choppy, beautiful, and moving.

Music Video Roundup – 04.22.13 [Florrie, Chris Malinchak, Ace Reporter, Haerts, When Saints Go Machine]

Music-Video-RoundupTape those eyelids up because the videos won’t stop coming!

This round we got a handful of tricks to digest. Long awaited videos from Ace Reporter  and Chris Malinchak to the  teaser and first video from TBE faves When Saints Go Machine’s new album. Enjoy!

Florrie – “Live A Little”

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[VIDEO] Haerts – “Wings”

Despite their challenged spelling, Haerts are kinda blowing up right now and its no surprise why. The possibly German mystery duo is produced by TBE fave St. Lucia and “Wings” is a soaring indie-pop summer jam that rides some pretty epic vocals. And then there is hilariously creepy video to throw the whole thing for a loop. PLAY SAFE this Halloween! And grab the track for free at their Facebook.