Haim – “If I Could Change Your Mind” (The Knocks Remix)

The Knocks continue their beautiful love affair with Haim by remixing another gem into a total jam. GEM+KNOCKS=JAM. Thats the equation of the day. Live/love/dance by it.

Remix Roundup Vol. 71 – THE RETURN! PART 1

I know, I know. It’s been too long. The Remix Roundups are back and I guarantee they will be more fun then ever. Here is Vol 71 for your weekend enjoyment and I already have Vol 72 coming together. Both of them are a kind of “house cleaning” of all the amazing remixes of 2013 that never got Roundup love. They will be followed by the Best Remixes of 2013 post. Thats a lot of music. Drink a lot of water and don’t forget to stretch.

Oh, and there are a few jams included in the ZIP below that aren’t on Soundcloud anymore so make sure you grab that…

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[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 8.28.13

Music-Video-RoundupA new one from music video masters Haim plus new discoveries like Hanni El Khatib (how did I miss this guy!?). I’m so stoked Foxes is finally picking up steam with the people! And Haim is gonna deliver one of the year’s best albums. Women be straight killing it these days!


HAIM – “The Wire”

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HAIM – “The Wire”


California’s baddest-ass sisters are back and, frankly, a bit peeved that I just limited them to this state earlier in this sentence. Thank goodness they can channel that frustration through music and we all get to benefit from my mistake.

After seeing them absolutely rip this one live it is kinda weird to hear it all reigned in on record. This one is massive live. Awesome to see the vocals get passed around too. More Haim soon please!

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 02.27.13 [Haim, The 1975, Woodkid, Asbjørn, Matt & Kim]

Music-Video-RoundupI hope you guys are keeping up with these. I know I’ve been dropping feature length video roundups on the regular lately but its not my damn fault. I dont make these things! I just eat my breakfast to them! And then spread them around, sharing the love and magic. Because goodness knows we dont need another indie band live performance video or pop song shot in “du club.” Creativity will always be Read more

[2,000th POST!] Remix Roundup RETURN – Vol. 68

Holy cow. 2,000 is a big number. And I know some of you have read/listened to all of them. Thank you guys for the endless support and for giving me a reason to listen to so much crap to find the jams. In celebration of this historic milestone I will be bringing back the Remix Roundups. Sure, a remix may still get its own post from time to time but generally they will be bundled up here as a little party playlist for the weekend or a vacation for your ears while your body slaves at work/school.

This week we have recent TBE fave Noah Hyde remixing a new discovery Wake Owl. 2012 heavy hitter Cyril Hahn funks up that new Haim joint. The Penguin Prison remix of “It’s Time” wont ever be beat but Plastic People give it a solid rework. My beloved Monarchy are finally back! It’s just this Mighty Mouse remix for now but I’m pretty damn excited for more. Atlas Genius get reworked by soon-to-be-covered Wild Cub who in turn get tropical-ized by Kisses. Then Erol Sabadosh takes us from new school Rihanna to old school R. Kelly with some golden Top 40 remixes. Freak funk genie Yalls scuffs up Rhye nicely and a Passion Pit remix by newbie Dream Logic closes us out. Enjoy!

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[VIDEO] Haim – “Don’t Save Me”

So first it was motorcycles and now it’s basketball? Haim just doing another video where they randomly feature men’s sports. How could it possibly be inter… ok… wait a minute… I’m still watching… Damn these girls (and guy) are good.

[STREAM] Haim – “Send Me Down” & “Don’t Save Me”

back when i could say you were my only friend i was to scared that i couldn’t let you in

Haim are riding high in my books off one of the year’s best EPs and their top-notch live show opening for The xx. They are wisely offering two new tracks to keep our appetites whetted and things change up nicely here. “Send Me Down” gets darker and weirder with horns and clapping making odd appearances but it’s still got that folky Haim stamp and works well. “Don’t Save Me” is more traditional Haim and keeps up their poppy indie-folk and gorgeous harmonies. Either way you slice it I’m just excited these girls (& guy) are making music.