Gavin Turek – “Remember”

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Life isn’t easy for Gavin Turek. A name like that sets a pretty high bar for being a general badass. Luckily for her, “Remember” high fives that  bar mid disco leap. With slightly spooky two-step production by TBE fave Harlan, Gavin has nailed our favorite song of hers yet.

MadiDiaz – “Stay Together”


My favorite Madi Diaz song yet is finally available to post! Listen to it, sure, but really go see it live at her Bootleg residency with Carousel. Its another live. And that voice…

[EP / INTERVIEW] Harlan – 1984 EP + Show tonight in LA!

Alright folks, if you dont live in the Los Angeles area you best be hitting the road soon because Harlan’s EP release party show is tonight at The Satellite. The 1984 EP is available for FREE download here but is well worth the few dollars he isn’t asking for. We’ve heard the groovy title track and its epic guitar noodling so now its time to dive into the other 3 tracks. Whether it’s the whistling hook of “A.D.” or the clap-stomp of “Cathedral” 1984 is a way more sensual and intimate affair than Native Son, showing off more of Harlan’s intricate guitar work. It’s exactly the kind of sonic evolution that gets me even more excited about an artist. So, I sat down at the keyboard and shot a few questions back and forth with Mr. Harlan Silverman to get a better sense of who we will be rocking out to for the foreseeable future.

TBE: 1984 is your 2nd EP after the fantastic Native Son. How has your relationship with your first baby changed since the second was born?
HARLAN: I think there is a more focussed sound with this second EP. The first EP was made just for fun. I wasn’t thinking about playing any of the songs live. This one had more Read more

[MP3] Harlan – “1984”

everywhere i go they’re watching me, every night i pray they’ll set me free

Harlan has already kicked out one of the year’s best EPs, Native Son, and he is now dropping another. The title track “1984” kicks up the 80s funk vibe and just when you are lulled into dancing or sexing or whatever that guitar solo comes in and everything feels that much more epic for a second. I was just epically typing there for a second. For reals.

This kind of brain peeling guitar work is standard Harlan fare and you can see it LIVE in Read more

[EP/LIVE] Harlan – NATIVE SON (w/ “The Come Down”) + @ The Echo, May 21

the choices that surround you are only yours to make

♫ Harlan – The Come Down

  • Who: Harlan Silverman & friends
  • What: Funky soul pop, like Mayer Hawthorne, Seye, Prince
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Native Son EP is out now (Stream it below).
  • Why: Big, bold, and undeniably dripping with sultry grooves is the name of Harlan’s game. Jams like “The Come Down” are instant ear pleasers, getting you to sing along before the first listen is through. Other tracks go slower, establishing a mood or feeling with Harlan’s super-tight musicianship (he plays all instruments). Native Son concludes with “Dancing On The Bed,” a perfectly named funkmobile that celebrates all the best things about Harlan. All the things he celebrates in his live show.

While Harlan’s debut EP Native Son is varied, textured, and showcases a broad new talent. Harlan’s live show, however, only has one setting: dance party. His touring band The Powers may be a motley crew of style but they all take care of business like pros. The real talent is Harlan himself. Watching him shred on the guitar is a total treat. He is clearly a man with both immense love and skill for his instruments. Anyone who can get an LA crowd dancing on a Monday is surely some Read more