[MP3] Hello Ocho – “Stickin To The Sheets”

oh you’re not even real, you’re not even real

♫ Hello Ocho – Sticking To The Sheets

  • Who: John & Chris
  • What: Fuzzy indie jams, like Wildlife Control, Adventure Galley, Museum Mouth
  • Where: Atlanta, GA + Facebook
  • When: The single w/ B-side “Chili Cheese Connie” is out now free.
  • Why: The ol’ “lure you in and tear you up” trick gets worked to perfection on “Stickin To The Sheets” as the track opens with a calm-enough build up of guitar strumming and what is maybe a xylophone. The drums kick in and the whole thing seems to be picking up steam. But you still aren’t prepared for the propulsive steamroller of rollicking fuzz-rock and that excellent far-off whistle that digs right into my happy-cortex. Then the whole things slowly falls apart and seems to be wrapped up… but is it!? [via]