HONNE – “Didn’t I”

Didn’t I tell you about Honne before? Didn’t I put their tracks on repeat over the past few months? Didn’t I say how these guys are going to be the most exiting thing about 2015?

“Didn’t I” is on HONNE’s new EP Coastal Love released on May 4th on Tatemae Recordings.


HONNE – “Coastal Love”

Sounds like… Honne have more up their sleeve then last years amazing heartfelt jam “Cold On A Warm Night” let on. “Coastal Love” retains their signature soulfulness as it transports us to a dance party on a huge raft that follows the sunset until we have eventually lapped the globe.

Location: UK

Future: Warm Nights. Coastal Love.  HONNE’s new EP drops on May 4th on Tatemae Records.

HONNE – “Warm On A Cold Night”

Music for… us lucky ones who know that the heat of Summer is giving away to chillier nights but its all OK because we have that someone to keep things toasty.

Like a rabbit in headlights
They’re stunned by all your charm
And I feel so damn lucky
To have you on my arm

Location: London, UK

Future: Their first ever live show just sold out. Stay tuned for more warm nights.