[LP] Hugo – OLD TYME RELIGION (w/ “Old Tyme Religion” & “99 Problems”)

a little taste of the forbidden so sweet it made me deaf and blind

♫ Hugo – Old Tyme Religion

You all remember Hugo from his twangy “99 Problems” cover and his solid original jam “Bread & Butter.” Well he finally dropped his debut LP on Jay-Z’s label and if that sounds odd then you haven’t heard the thing yet. Hugo is distictly soulful and folksy but with a bit of grit in the mix, the title track of the album being a prime example. It’s got funk, bounce, and backwoods flavor all rolled into one. Cruise over to his MySpace for a few more samples off the LP. “Rock n’ Roll Delight” is a slice of his sensual side and “Hopelessly Stoned” is more of that funk rock that makes the whole album so solid and enjoyable.

Previously – ♫ Hugo – 99 Problems (Jay-Z Cover)

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The Best Cover Songs of 2010

This year saw quite a few bands taking cracks at covers of songs both new and old. From bare bones beautiful interpretations of The Smashing Pumpkins, Miike Snow, and LCD Soundsystem to full on genre flipping of Jay-Z and Justice, to a different blend of herbs and spices on Band of Horses and Beyoncé, it’s clear that there is no magic formula to a great cover. These are the one’s I loved the most this past year. You?

10. ♫ ceo – Halo (Beyoncé Cover)

9. ♫ Jackson Harris – Empire State Of Mind (Jay-Z cover)

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Hip-Hop Digest 2 – 6.26.2010 [Kid Cudi, Kanye, Jay-Z, Big K.R.I.T., B.o.B., …) ]

Yeah, so it’s been a year since volume 1. Nobody said shit was organized around here.

So I just finished compiling and writing everything below and I had to ask myself why I was posting so much mediocre hip-hop when that is not even a genre I focus on here. I think that, however, is precisely the point.* I rarely post hip-hop tracks because they rarely grab me. So much of the big league hip-hop feels so lifeless. Anyway, read on, you’ll see what I mean. Or not. Anyway, here is a bunch of stuff that ranges in quality but all relates to hip-hop in some way.

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ Kid Cudi – REVOFEV / From Cudi’s forthcoming sophomore album. Par for the course, I’d say. Read more

HUGO likes his BREAD & BUTTER a little hot & toasty

i’m sharp like blade and cold like a knife

♫ Hugo – Bread & Butter

I’ve been bombarding you with a lot of crazy jams recently so I’m gonna slow it down this Thursday and try and soothe the ears a bit. Hugo hails from NYC and his new single “Bread & Butter” hums and strums in all the right ways. With his smokey voce, twangy guitar, and plodding drums, Hugo serves up his simple analogy for intimacy that seems perfect for your next wooing mixtape. It seems to work for Hugo himself as it sounds like he isn’t having any girl problems. Hear for yourself on his fantastic finger-pluckin’ back-porch cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” Listen to it hear and then buy it here. That’s how a cover should be done, folks!

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