[MP3] HUNGRY KIDS OF HUNGARY move a hell of a lot faster than a WRISTWATCH

let it go don’t lose your patience, oh you never tried to understand

♫ Hungry Kids of Hungary – Wristwatch

Bum-budda-bum-budda-bum… oh, sorry. It’s really hard to not rock out to that handclap/percussion combo. Kick that jumping guitar and old school Casio sound on top and “Wristwatch” is off like a rocket, lurching and sparking until it comes to rest less than two minutes after take-off. With a dash of Vampire Weekend in their blood these Australians have been winning over huge audiences back home for years. It’s a damn shame they’ve only crossed over to my ears now because this kind of hyper kinetic jam is what my alley is made of. After 2 acclaimed EPs they just dropped their debut LP, Escapades, and I’m off to buy it now.

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