[STREAM/VIDEO] Hunter Hunted – “The End Of The World”

the end is coming but we already know

  • Who: Mike & Dan from Lady Danville
  • What: Big indie piano rock, like Frida Sundemo, On An On, Trails & Ways
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Their single dropped today.
  • Why: From the ashes of the recently evolved (and even more recently disbanded) Lady Danville was born Hunter Hunted. “The End Of The World” has a timely release today as a massive pop jam for singing “oooh ooohs” too as you bob aggressively to the funked out synth grooves. And then there is the video! A beautiful example of what no budget, big creativity, and some elbow grease can get you. Sure, its sad that Lady Danville is no more, but as we will all learn tomorrow, with every “end” comes a beautiful new beginning. Take that, Mayans!