The 25 Best Songs of 2010… So Far (Jan-June)

As I’ve been compiling this best songs list I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a great track. Last year I went by play counts to determine what songs I “loved” the most but this year I noticed that the list that came out didn’t really match my perception of my favorites. A lot of my top played songs this year are indeed great songs, but they also happen to be on a great album so they get played by themselves as well as in the course of the album. So I got to thinking about which are the tracks that I seek out, that I crave, that I have to hear every night before bed or every morning to wake up. Those are the songs that make up this list. Songs that for whatever reason hooked me to the point where I need(ed) them in my life this year. Those great albums (and their highlight jams) will get their moment but for now we celebrate the song, or as Read more

Remix Roundup Vol. 18 – 3.8.10 [Gorillaz, Miike Snow, Vampire Weekend, The Temper Trap]

Time is tight and I’m late for a date with with the sandman so I’m gonna forgo my usual ramblings for an edited version. I’ve arranged these in a loose order of great to merely relevant so use that as a guide. Or just cherry pick. Whatevs.  If enough people miss my personal notes then I can bring ’em back but if not then frankly I could use the extra time. Word.

♫ The Hood Internet vs The 2000s – Decalogue / The hood Internet take an epic 6 minute trip through the 2000s. A must listen for anyone who has been alive for the past 10 years and enjoys good times and great memories. For realz. Crank this and bust your moves all up on memory lane.

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I BLAME COCO and her jam CAESAR for ROBYN me of my desire to not rock out

we’re gonna knock down the walls

♫ I BlÃ¥me Coco – Caesar feat. Robyn

Ho. Ly. Shit. This is a straight mind stomper! That raspy voice you hear dominating the vocals is that of Eliot Pauline Sumner a 19 year old Lodoner who goes by the stage-name of I Blame Coco. The other voice is Robyn, whose soaring chorus is a striking contrast to the song’s grit and ferocity. I get that Island Records want’s to introduce their new investment to us with the help of an established songstress but I Blame Coco needs no coddling. The fact that she both wrote and played all the music on her debut album herself makes it clear that this lass is firing on a whole different set of cylinders than your average Britney, Gaga, or Ke$ha. Have a listen to an older track of hers to get a sense of the kind of range we are talking about here. With these two jams back-to-back it’s pretty easy to imagine the rest of the album could be equally epic. If only we had a release date to look forward to.

♫ I BlÃ¥me Coco – How Did All Did All These All People Get In My Room?

Oh, and that “dad” she keeps singing about? That would be Sting.

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