iamforest – “Flyer” // Art: Alexander Coggin

The fresh and vibrant tones featured in iamforest’s new single “Flyer” will quickly become your favorite sound of summer.

What first hit me about “Flyer” is that the production of the single was well balanced and sophisticated. It has a rich and silky sound that brings out the delicate compositional notes from the artist.

There is a sweet nostalgia to this number and the bright haziness of the vocal track makes you want to replay it over and over again.

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iamforest – “Hollie” // Icy & Sot

“Hollie” is built atop a chopped synth loop fascinating enough on its own before iamforest unleashes a bizarro-orchestra of parts, each intricate and elaborate on its own accord. But the minimal lyrics and melody pull you gently along as he strips parts away and builds them back up, bit by bit. Keep your ears peeled for the upcoming Bridges EP, set for full release summer 2017.

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[MP3] iamforest – “Armies and Air Raids”

Vancouver’s iamforest (Luke Hartle) follows up March’s “Structures” with a brand new EP of his pulsing electronic movement music. Luke is proving himself on the level of other beat geniuses Tycho, and Odesza and I can’t wait to see this guy get some more love. Get into “Armies and Air Raids” for its looping beat and fantastic tension. Then spread the whole free EP far and wide!

IAMFOREST – “Structures”

IAMFOREST - Structures

i don’t wanna, i don’t wanna

From those first notes of plucky guitar I was immediately intrigued. Once the drum machine comes in it was irresistible. Now, a handful of listens later, I can share this chilled out groover with you all. Iamforest, a.k.a. Vancouver’s Luke Hartle, just put out a 3 song EP of more tracks the other day so grab those too and let your Sunday be as smooth as ever.