SASSY 009 – “Are You Leaving” // Ian Francis

SASSY 009 leaves us with a dreamy production driven by a drum loop surrounded by colorful textures; a distant flute solo here, a constant ring coming from wind chimes in some other soundscape realm, and some clean, echo-y vocals.   Sit back with your drink on this one, and let it take you over.

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[DEBUT] Rattlerette – “In The Black” // Ian Francis


Opening with a warning swell and the line “Tired of worrying about the future”, Rattlerette have penned a biting commentary on those who profit from the ceaseless grind of those laboring in the middle. The song is driven by bright piano chords and a tense bassline that underpin the sharp swing of the drumkit, but it’s the menacing guitar in the chorus that really gives the song its anthemic, we’re-not-gonna-take-it quality. As more voices join in on the rallying lyrics – “If I don’t stand, I’ll fall back” – you realize you’ve begun pumping your fist for more than the rhythm of the song.

If this debut track from Rattlerette has you half as excited for them as we are then you’ll be pleased to know there are more (killer) jams coming very soon…

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