Icona Pop – “Just Another Night” (Solidisco Remix)

Sounds Like… a mudda fking parrty yooo. Horns to the head! Happy Tuesday.

Location: Party.

Future: Party.

[PLAYLIST] The Best Party Songs of 2012


2012 was a fantastic year for party songs. It seems that music is having more fun than ever and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. We’ve all had some epic parties set to some epic party playlists and tonight is the night to top them all. (Or not, really. Nothing worse than NYE pressure.) So take a trip down the Read more

LETS DO A SUMMER MIXTAPE with [RAC, Adventure Club, Goldroom, Viceroy, DWNTWN, Ghost Beach, Cry Wolf and Lights & Music]

When I first started the blog feature on Lights & Music last month, this mixtape was the first idea that I put into action.  Wikipedia, in-short describes mixtapes as usually reflecting the musical tastes of its compiler, a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood tailored to the tape’s intended recipient.  Yeah sure, we’ve all made mixtapes before.  But, what happens when you get a bunch of artists and bloggers to make a mixtape with the intended recipient being you?  Thats what I wanted to find out.  The concept is simple, yet I hadn’t really seen it anywhere else.

Everyone was given two selections.  They could either choose two tracks defining their summer so far in 2012 or one new and one all-time summer favorite.  Sounds simple enough in theory, but narrowing down your favorite jams to fit that criteria was tough.  That said, this was a fun project and I intend on making this a annual event.

Without further ado, please enjoy and share with others. Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

Lets not talk about the fact this year is already half over. Thats just insane. About as insane as the quality of jams that have been pumping through TBE HQ’s speakers these past 6 months. Here is the best of the best. Did I miss any? Did you miss any?

(Thanks to Vladimir Bobritskiy for the album art.)

25. My Great Ghost – Plain Sight / A pulsating, haunting, and thoroughly beautiful journey.

24. Purity Ring – Obedear / Slightly creepy. Very ominous. Highly Read more

[LIVE] Icona Pop & DWNTWN @ School Night, Hollywood, CA – 6/25/12

♫ Icona Pop – Nights Like This

What’s better that one of your favorite girl-fronted indie electro pop bands playing live right in front of you? Well, TWO of them! Last night Icona Pop brought that Swedish mega-pop magic to LA and got the whole room moving to epic jams “Manners,” Some new tracks, and of course the song of the summer “I Love It.” They didn’t play my other favorite “Nights Like This” so I’ll be cranking it up and continuing the dance party right now.

♫ DWNTWN – Alamo Square

DWNTWN followed and debuted a keyboard player who added some nice oomph to their live sound. The room kept dancing as they mixed older jams with newer stuff off their just released EP. I talked to at least 2 people who had never heard of either band before the night and is now a big fan of both. Sweetness.

[MP3/VIDEO] Icona Pop – “I Love It”

i crashed my car into the bridge, i watched, i let it burn, i threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs

♫ Icona Pop – I Love It

  • Who: Caroline Hjelt & Aino Jawo
  • What: Climactic party pop, like Foxes, Johnny Neon, La Roux
  • Where: Stockholm + Facebook
  • When: No official news yet.
  • Why: Icona Pop emerged with last summers chick-power groover “Manners” and now they are back to change everything you thought they new about them. The Charli XCX written “I Love It” obliterates “Manners” with a pounding beat and fuck-it-all chorus that I can not stop singing along to. The whole thing is ridiculously infectious and should be played at top volume. It’s arguably the song of the summer. Read more about them in this interview.

Also make sure you check out the fantastic song/video combo for last years “Nights Like This,” the title track off their debut EP.

[MP3] Icona Pop – “Manners”

take a second look and you’ll see, there is no one like me

♫ Icona Pop – Manners

Bleeps, bloops, a squiggly beat, and a whole bunch of primo ‘ba ba ba’s make Icona Pop’s “Manners” an instant jam. The kind that you can sing along to before your first listen is even through. Plus I like the balls on these lyrics. Say it how it is, girl!

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