SAM PADRUL and PATRICK BAKER know that getting DIRTY isn’t worth much if it didn’t take WORK

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Elliot Harris – “Ovr U”

The fiercest among us still need to reckon with the mental destruction of love gone wrong. Wrap yourself around the comforting blanket of Elliot Harris’ “Ovr U” and sing along slowly as you drift off to into a dreamworld where you aren’t an emotional wreck.  Read more

Shallou – “Heights”

It’s the empty moments that Shallou fills so well. The bits of mental peace that we don’t often get to ourselves. “Heights” is another great instrumental hum-along that nudges the brain to wander and skip. Put in in your ears and find new colors in the world.  Read more

Hemmingbirds – “Mess of Things” + Video

Kick your week off right with a bit of refreshing guitar riffage to scatter your brain into motion. You gotta break some eggs to make an omelette! And right now your desk is looking like a whole carton of eggs… 

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Gilligan Moss – “Choreograph”

Yes, you hit your head. Hard. but you can’t feel the bump right now. You aren’t in that kind of reality at the moment. Just enjoy the trip. And hold on. It is going to get weirder before it gets weirder still. Oh, those little guys? They are here to help. Let them guide you. Sure, dance with them. They will like that. And its good to have them on your team. Not that they would ever hurt you. Much…  Read more

MONAKR – “Teardrop” (Massive Attack Cover)

Some would say that the world is divided into two groups: Those who have never heard Massive Attack’s 1998 song “Teardrop”. And those who have been madly in love with it at some point in their life. Well I say, whatever group you fall into, MONAKR’s stellar cover is essential listening for the day. No, the week. Hell, just keep this tab open. You are gonna need it.  Read more

Gemini Club – “Fret & Regret”

Gemini Club have long been the kings of indie dance grooves with a slightly paranoid tilt. Like music made exclusively for chase/fight scene montages involving secret societies or hooded villains. “Fret & Regret” is another slice of edgy dance goodness with killer guitar riffage and some spooky vocal chanting to round out the dance-party-fight-scene in my head.  Read more

90 Pounds of Pete – “Waited Too Long” ft. Devon Baldwin + “Arms”

If you ever let your limbs get all spazzy to a jam by Darwin Deez or Atom and his Package then then 90 Pounds of Pete is your workout for the day. Newer jam “Waited Too Long” is a more tender affair but those tin-can vocals and big beat groove are pretty unstoppable. A great intro for beginners. When you are ready for pro-level, put on a headband and keep up with “Arms”. Don’t come crying to me if you are sore tomorrow!

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