In Endeavors’ album art needs a Private Eye to find it


there’s a fight going on and it’s to gain trust

In Endeavors – Private Eye

First of all, In Endeavors don’t sound like a UK electro remix duo as their logo makes me think. Nor do they sound like they just lost their dog and their truck as their Kentucky locale makes me think. By now you have pressed play so you don’t need me to explain but put simply they rock. I discovered In Endeavors at the end of last year (from IGIF) and then proceeded to keep their super-jam “Private Eye” all to myself. I even almost wrote about them in March. Then, today, as I am feeling particularly generous I decide to spread the love. A quick Google search later reveals that the Lexington Kentucky 5-piece broke up in May. Shit. Most of In Endeavors remains in a new form as Art Tongues but I am too bummed (lazy) to investigate further. I am happy to just keep Private Eye on repeat and let it’s swinging guitars and driving drums bounce me to a better mood. I mean come on, who can resist a good “ahhh Ahhh AHHH” build up?

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