[MP3] Inc – “The Place”

i feel like we’ve been here before

♫ Inc. – The Place

  • Who: Andrew, Daniel, DMile, Lemar
  • What: Simmering sex grooves, like The xx, Rhye, Haerts
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Just singles here and there.
  • Why: Mmmm, sultry indie R&B grooves have been all the rage lately but none do it as stripped back and silky as Inc. Remember their last jam “Swear”?  Can we get a full album already? There is only so much work I can get done during an EP…

[MP3] Inc. – “Swear”

cause i remember who you used to be, before you started hanging out with the wrong crowd, at the wrong place

♫ Inc. – Swear

Don’t let that album art fool you, this isn’t some college rap jock jams volume III crap. This is slow moving seduction music meant for playing just loud enough to muffle the sounds making it to the neighbors. Inc is made up of two brothers who live on the west coast and infuse a bit of Prince into their soothing electro R&B. Their debut EP 3 is out now and you can grab another 33% of it at Stereogum.

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