Inspired & the Sleep – “Here & Now”

Inspired & the Sleep – “Transcend”

Inspired & the Sleep – “Big Wide World”

Inspired & the Sleep – “Getting Through”

Inspired & the Sleep – “Liaison”

Inspired & the Sleep – “First Time” // Art: Lisa Lloyd

“First Time” is a straight-forward song – light guitar chugs follow the constant bass and simple drum pattern – but the lack of complicated instrumentation leaves lots of space for the earnest voice and the big payoff of the chorus. It’s the rare pop song that feels familiar and new at the same time, which means you’ll be singing along by the second chorus. If you’re in the midst of a new romance, this should go on the first playlist you make for that lucky someone.

If you need more great songs for that playlist, we recommend Inspired & The Sleep’s “Sleeps Well On Knives” from VINYL MOON Volume 008: Seedshine.

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Mating Ritual – “Second Chance” + “Drunk” + Album Release Show 6/24 w/ DYAN & Inspired and The Sleep

After years of waiting and teasing, we are finally getting a full Mating Ritual album! The record is called How You Gonna Stop It? and I couldn’t be more stoked. If you haven’t got into Mating Ritual yet then here is your “Second Chance”! (Sorry…)

But seriously, I’ve selfishly had the raucous heartbreak jams “Second Chance” on repeat so long that its been followed up by another new track “Drunk” as well as a big concert announcement. Mating Ritual are celebrating the album release with a huge benefit show for Planned Parenthood on June 24th and The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles. And on top of all that goodness, there will be lives sets from TBE faves DYAN and Inspired & The Sleep as well as so much more.

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