[MP3/REMIX] NoteOn (Samsa) – “Vorsprung”

♫ NoteOn (Samsa) – Vorsprung

  • Who: G Samsa
  • What: Cranial adventure electro, like Joe And Will Ask?, Pance Party, Amtrac
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland + Soundcloud
  • When: Just some singles and remixes.
  • Why: Sometimes you need a little nighttime car chase montage throwback jam to soundtrack your evening. Sometimes you need an unexpected remix of a great song you saw live in Texas. Either way Ireland’s Samsa has you covered.

♫ Ambassadors – Unconsolable (NoteOn remix)

Anybody with the good taste and big balls to remix a quality unknown like Ambassadors is already top in my book. However, when they wrap the vocals in an entirely different sonic palette and it still comes out a handsome as ever, then I know there is something magical going on.