instupendo – “Antidote”

sakehands – “GOOODBYE FOREVER” (instupendo Remix)

laxcity – “Instupendo – Clementine (Laxcity Remix)” // Art: Cinta Vidal

The laxcity remix of “Clementine” comes from the remix EP of selections from instupendo’s ‘faces I know’ EP. Get more instupendo in your life on Vinyl Moon 028: Long Intuition.

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Instupendo – “boy.” // Keith Pfeiffer

“boy.” opens up with gorgeous, lush, warm synths welcoming you into the track. It slowly builds upon itself until the beat drops, and when it does, “boy.” seems to lift you off your chair or the ground, ascending you to the heavens rapidly, clouds breezing past you and grazing your face as you speed towards the light. A truly beautiful offering from Instupendo.

Make sure you check out Instupendo’s track on VINYL MOON Volume 028: Long Intuition!

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VINYL MOON Volume 028: Long Intuition

It’s time once again to present the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a unique mix of hot new artists to vinyl, housed in original art and packaging by some of the coolest visual artists around.

Volume 028: Long Intuition manages to wow in both granular detail as well as larger-than-life scale. Elena Limkina‘s intricate illustrations envelop a gatefold jacket that expands to a double-sided four-panel poster. More elegant drawings are found in the included sketchbook, which you can peruse as the marbled vinyl plays TBE favorites such as Jacqui Siu, Steven Bamidele, and Siobhan Sainte.

Trust your instincts – you’ll

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Instupendo – “Play Palette” // Sam Friedman

Just when you think it’ll be you and instupendo’s watery keys for the entirety of the piece, rapid-fire drum loops ripple across the surface and smack you upside the head, like you just wandered into a current that’s going to take you wherever it wants you to go. But I trust whatever this Philly-based composer has in store for me.

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