[SXSW INTERVIEW] Wild Cub talk SXSW strategy, remixes, and… aand… achoo!

I sat down with the guys in Wild Cub during SXSW to talk about the value of free food at SXSW, the short attention span of music fans, and the value of the remix (something Wild Cub has always used well).

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[SXSW INTERVIEW] BASECAMP talk Nashville, hats, and what it means to be an elusive snow leopard…

We sat down with the guys in BASECAMP during SXSW to talk about their home base of Nashville, hats, and the best compliment their music has ever received.

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[SXSW INTERVIEW] RAC & Joywave talk collaborations, touring, and the art of the remix

RAC is one of my all time favorite remixers who is finally coming into his own with a solid set of original jams. Joywave is one of my all time favorite bands who evolve in fantastic ways with each release. Needless to say, sitting down with both artists was a big honor. We talked about touring, remixing, and how all of them ended up collaborating recently.

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Twitterview with Sleeper Agent – Cookies, Touring, Shots, and their great new album ABOUT LAST NIGHT

Sleeper Agent is on tour with Holychild soon! Check dates here. See you in LA at The Satellite!

[SXSW INTERVIEW] Hunter Hunted on band roles, touring,

Hunter Hunted have fought a long and winding road to their current position as rising stars of feel-good indie pop. We let them rest their road-weary behind in the RV and got some stories from the road as well as dirt on who is the “tour dad” and who writes their infamous Instagram captions…

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[SXSW INTERVIEW] Goldroom on collaboration, friendship, and growing up on a boat

Besides being one of the best sources of excellent music in recent years, Goldroom pretty much perfectly embodies the California Limited spirit of living our dreams under the sun. We hung out for Breakfast tacos on the Saturday morning of SXSW (ouch) and talked about his time spent on a boat as a kid, the move from the East Coast to his new home in Los Angeles, and making music with his friends.

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[SXSW INTERVIEW] Gemini Club talk about 6th gear, San Francisco, and trying to be on time…

Gemini Club have been one of our favorite bands (and friends) since they killed it at The Burning Ear SXSW showcase 2 years ago. So we celebrated our anniversary with some breakfast tacos and tales from the road. Enjoy. We sure did.

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