alltheluckintheworld – “Landmarks” // Peter Waite

What makes alltheluckintheworld’s “Landmarks” so compelling is how it manages to break away from the conventional folk song structure yet also maintain an instrumentally folk soundscape.  The result is n emotional journey conveyed by alltheluckintheworld; you feel like you finished a coastal hike at the edge of the world with the vocalist, talking about the shortcomings of love, by the time you’re through this.

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EDEN – “gold” // Alessandra Maria

Creatively mangling everything from his voice & guitar to the plush hiss of room noise, EDEN shows he isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of reality. That’s fine with us, as long as he keeps writing songs this great. Keep your shoulders bobbing and mind ready for the shredding synth in the chorus.

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All The Luck In The World – “Golden October” // Andrea Kowch

“Golden October” is an emotional waltz down nostalgia lane filled with swelling string accompaniments and precise guitar plucks to create that exact raw emotional energy.  The end result is a song that feels like an introspective journey perfect for long hikes and bike rides into the sky.

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Sorcha Richardson – “Waking Life” // Robert G Fresson

Sorcha Richardson gives us another brilliant addition to your next solo dance party. But as with all her songs, it’s the layers beneath her lyrics that will keep this song on heavy rotation in your speakers. The inventive production and arrangements are icing on the cake.

You can get more Sorcha Richardson with “Petrol Station” on VINYL MOON Volume 005: Go Outsize!

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Sal Dulu – “Duluoz Dream” // J. R. Schmidt

Effortlessly smooth and definitely dreamy, this track by Sal Dulu has me gazing out the window through the rain even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I recommend you find a nice armchair to sink into as you take in “Duluoz Dream”.

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Sorcha Richardson – “4AM” // Vanessa Lemen

Sorcha Richardson comes roaring back into her electronic-leanings with “4AM”, a bass-driven track ready to get the whole audience singing and clapping along. Whether you play this in the wee hours or in the middle of the afternoon, you won’t want to go anywhere without it.

Get more of Sorcha with “Petrol Station” from VINYL MOON Volume 005: Go Outsize!

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Bear Worship – “Art In The Artifice” // Margherita Morotti

Just when I thought I had this track figured out, a can’t-keep-this-groove-to-myself synth bassline comes in, and suddenly I’m waving my head around and signing along with Bear Worship’s one-man choir. Take it in as your pleasant surprise for the day.

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The Academic – “Mixtape 2003” // Natalie Dombois

As if the mere idea of revisiting a personal mixtape from 2003 wasn’t enough to unleash some reserves of youthful energy, The Academic’s song about it has plenty of juice to spare as well. Pardon me while I rock the F out.

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