Silences – “There’s A Wolf”

When you are all alone and deep in the dark woods and a the light catches a pair of eyes through the branches its time to decide between run or attack. And that decision will depend on which part of this Silences track you are listening to.

From the forthcoming E.P. Luna.  Read more

EMBRZ – “Home ft. Eleni Drake”

This one of the jams that will stop you in your tracks without you even realizing it. Clock hands race, cups over flow, and suns set, and you don’t even notice until the track ends and takes your beautiful daydream with it. I’ll just hit repeat and go right back there…  Read more

Sorcha Richardson – “Petrol Station”

cause i’m not holding out for anything better

so can we just stay here forever?

can we just stay here forever?

Few things can make us feel so small and fragile as the blooming anxiety that comes with new love. Knowing that this feeling growing inside can easily overtake your whole consciousness, dwarfing the former landscape of your mind with a new skyscraper. A monument to the immediate. Something that we can only hope sticks around and doesn’t fade into the dust of memories and misuse.  Read more

Jape – “Seance Of Light”

Music for… people who love their ultra-catchy chillgroove jams set to tripped out videos telling tales of even trippier-ed out nights. Cheers to Jape for delivering on point. Non-cheers to all the people that knew about this band for years and never told me. Boo.

Location: Malmo, Sweden via Dublin, Ireland.

Future: New album, This Chemical Sea, came out last week.

Talos – “Tethered Bones”

[soundcloud id=’138132034′]

Talos is the music of Eoin French from Cork, Ireland. “Tethered Bones” is the only taste of Talos we have so far but its a damn beautiful one. Intimate, delicate, and magnetic, it pulls me into it’s minimal production before the whole song explodes into a dissonant release of tension that feels so good I want it again.

We Cut Corners – “YKK”

I get into a lot of dancey synth music up in here but sometimes its nice to strip things back to basics and rock out to some good ol fashioned guitar and drums rock! Dublin’s We Cut Corners bring it right on the catchy and succinct “YKK” of their forthcoming sophomore album.

Sleep Thieves – “Sparks”

Sleep Thieves

Dublin’s Sleep Thieves are cooking up the kind of spacey, danceable, girl-fronted electronic pop that sounds so good these days. Except they have been doing it fora few years. And somehow getting no love!? “Sparks” is exactly the kind of pulsing midnight groove that does their name proud. And I bet more than a few remixers once they wise up to it…

[MP3] NoteOn – “Love”

NoteOn Love

Summer groover for fun times in the sun

Thats what it says on the SoundCloud page for this new jam from TBE fave NoteOn. And thats about all there is to say. Summer lives on!