[MP3] Villagers – “The Waves”

Villagers - The Waves

one body’s dying breath is another’s birth

♫ Villagers – The Waves

  • Who: Conor J. O’Brien & Co.
  • What: Creeping indie rock, like Youth Lagoon, Digits, Alt-J
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland + Facebook
  • When: New LP Awayland out Jan 13
  • Why: Villagers made a few waves a couple years back but “The Waves” makes actual waves for me as it grows like the waxing tide until it is crashing on you with a power you’d never suspect from such subtle beginnings.

[MP3/REMIX] NoteOn (Samsa) – “Vorsprung”

♫ NoteOn (Samsa) – Vorsprung

  • Who: G Samsa
  • What: Cranial adventure electro, like Joe And Will Ask?, Pance Party, Amtrac
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland + Soundcloud
  • When: Just some singles and remixes.
  • Why: Sometimes you need a little nighttime car chase montage throwback jam to soundtrack your evening. Sometimes you need an unexpected remix of a great song you saw live in Texas. Either way Ireland’s Samsa has you covered.

♫ Ambassadors – Unconsolable (NoteOn remix)

Anybody with the good taste and big balls to remix a quality unknown like Ambassadors is already top in my book. However, when they wrap the vocals in an entirely different sonic palette and it still comes out a handsome as ever, then I know there is something magical going on.

[MP3] No Monster Club – “Be My Bone”

there’ll be something to worry about in the sun

♫ No Monster Club – Be My Bone

  • Who: 3 Irish dudes.
  • What: Ragged surf rock, like Wavves, The Denzels, The Fantasies
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland + Facebook
  • When: LP Dublin is out now.
  • Why: At just under 2 minutes “Be My Bone” is the perfect soundtrack for the short distance between the beach parking lot and the water, with just enough buffer to throw your things down on a good spot in the sand. which is pretty cool coming from Ireland.

[MP3] Le Galaxie – “Powers of Miami”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, let’s night drive

♫ Le Galaxie – Powers of Miami

Strap on your safety belts and slide those shades down from your forehead because things are about to hit 88mph in this blast to the past courtesy of Ireland’s live synth band Le Galaxie. From that album art to these surging old school synthesized beats, these guys stay true to an era that others are content to only draw from. Aside from a bit of Blue Man Group vibe in the percussion, “Powers of Miami” goes full 80s and is possibly the perfect track for the ride home from a late night 80s party. Especially if you are being chased by teenagers on BMX bikes.

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