isle&fever – “U Never Know”

isle&fever – “Room To Breathe”

isle&fever – “We’re Not Broken” // Gerhard Human

Sliding in with “kick the jukebox” Fonz-style cool, isle&fever triumphantly return with “We’re Not Broken”, a disco inspired indie pop slam dunk. Put this song on at a party and everyone will immediately begin dancing a choreographed routine without realizing it. The music will enter your bones and make a home. The rent it pays? Sick dance moves and vibes.

Get more grooves from isle&fever in your life with their jam “Far Away” on vinyl with our release of Vinyl Moon: Intrepid Curves.

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isle&fever – “Keep Workin” // Beau Bernier

Balmy synths and plump bass are the name of the game in isle&fever’s latest, a groove-laced ode to the grind called “Keep Workin”. Bringing to mind a hazy, outsider disco on some beachfront strip, the duo’s summer jam has a new catchy hook at every turn and a groove that just don’t quit. The lyrics are equal parts grit-your-teeth motivation and somber realism. But whether you’re applying the song to your career goals or your dance moves, you’ll be glad to have it in your life.

For more of isle&fever’s tastefully muted disco glitz, boogie on over to VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves and their track “Far Away”.

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Isle & Fever – “Dime Piece” // Jerkcurb

In the immortal words of the lizard man who whispered in my ear last night at the lounge club: “Who needs another dime when you slowly lose your mind…” He has a good point. I’m going to discuss more with him later at the beach with Isle & Fever on blast.


Follow Isle & Fever on Spotify. Vinyl EP Release on Stratford Ct this summer.

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