IYES – “Can’t Feel My Face” (The Weeknd Cover)

I can’t feel my face when I’m with IYES. But I love it. Yes I love it. Read more

IYES – “Gone”

It seems to be a day of losing lovers. But keep in mind, that every lover lost is a chance for a lover gained. So get your head out of their hands and back out there to face the great unknown. IYES have a fantastic jam for methodically assembling your mind body and spirit for the task at hand. Turn it up and get in the zone.  Read more

IYES – “Lessons”

The duo behind IYES always keep things wonderfully weird and “Lessons” is no exception. Saying it’s my favorite IYES track so far puts it ahead of some stellar competition. Its a tale of a bad job and worse relationship all unraveling in the rain. Not having a good day has never sounded this damn addictively groovy. Nothing like some finger snapping and a ripping piano solo to lift anyone out of a bad-day funk.  Read more

IYES – “So Crazy”

The mind is a powerful thing. It resists destruction. But sometimes things just slip away and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. IYES take us down the swirling rabbit hole of insanity with a perfect intro that sets the stage for the boy-girl tale of craziness and passion. Once we have checked our sanity at the door its open season on new dance moves and talking to the voices going “ooooh oooh” in our heads.

New EP Part 1 is streaming here.  Read more

Remix Roundup 74 – [5.23.2014] – Flume, The Golden Pony, Ryan Hemsworth, IYES, Miami Horror, Sia, Monarchy, and more!

Memorial Day weekend better watch its bad self cause you comin’ in hot with a bundle of fire remixes to blaze all over this BBQ joint! BACKUP! I just said it was HOT! You don’t listen good, do you? Oh, you just deaf cause you rock too many TBE remix roundups too loud. Thats coo.

Flume & Chet Faker – “Drop The Game” (The Golden Pony Remix)

There is not much more to life than live sax riffs!

Ryan Hemsworth – “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” (Wave Racer Remix)

Watch out for bumpy roads in Funkytown!

Zella Day – “1965” (IYES Refix)

Oh yeahhh… IYES with the mellow twisted remix win.

Miami Horror – “Colours In The Sky” (That’s Nice Remix)

Kick up the funk! Some serious synth magic here!

Sia – “Chandelier” (BASECAMP Remix)

Oooh yeah, all he right kinds of weird

Monarchy – “Living Without You” (MK Letting Go Remix)

Yes! Monarchy are finally back and MK killed it with this great remix!

IYES – “Breathe”

Brighton’s IYES have finally followed up their awesome debut jam “Til Infinity” with “Breathe”. Big drums pound under Melis and Josh’s voices as darkness swirls around the sparse and seductive production. I’m looking forward to a lot more like this.

IYES – “Crazy In Love” (Beyoncé Cover)

IYES - Crazy In Love

To celebrate “Bey Day,” recent TBE faves IYES released their cover of “Crazy In Love” which is a beautifully dark and brooding twist on the hyper-pop original. Now I wouldn’t mind if IYES took after Beyonce and dropped an unannounced album today.

IYES – “‘Til Infinity”

IYES (Pronounced “eyes”) are based in Prague but met at a dinner party in Brighton. They recorded music simply but it’s certainly not simple. The talent at play on their 3 songs on Soundcloud is immense. “Lighthouse” leans to The xx, “Glow” gets rowdier with a haunted circus vibe, and “Til Infinity” brings in the handclaps, confidence, and awesome boy/girl vocals. Fantastic.