[MP3] J. Roddy Walston & The Business – “Heavy Bells”

J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Heavy Bells

Oh man, have I missed J. Roddy & company. Their 2010 self titled debut was a no prisoners shack-rock shredder that definitely did some damage to my speakers. Their upcoming album is named Essential Tremors after a nervous-system disorder that affects J Roddy. Its a collection of songs “partly about owning and embracing your weirdness instead of letting it hold you captive because you don’t even want to talk about it.” First single “Heavy Bells” owns that weirdness with a vengeance. Roddy’s vocals grind and rasp over White Stripes/Black Keys level guitar work. The whole things seems about to come unhinged and break apart but that is the J Roddy Walston signature sound we love so much. Thank you for coming back.

Essential Tremors is out 9/10 on ATO Records. Download “Heavy Bells” here.

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[LP] J. RODDY WALSTON & THE BUSINESS are USED TO rocking like they DID in the old days

watch your tongue, it’s on my tongue, it tastes good, but it tastes so young

♫ J Roddy Walston & The Business – Used To Did

Ok, time to be honest with me, you guys totally slept on J Roddy’s epic “Brave Man’s Death” that I posted back in June and that needs to be remedied pronto. The man and The Business recently released their debut self titled LP and if guitar music has ever rocked you so hard you woke up like that they guy on the cover then this is for you. The guitars wail, the vocals growl, and the piano adds the perfect crisp spice to this rock and roll stew. “Brave Man’s Death” is present as the album’s simmering centerpiece but it’s flanked by fantastic tracks on both sides. Don’t Break The Needle EP‘s “Don’t Get Old” gets reworked to rollicking guitar shredding results and that EP’s title track stays on as the searing album opener. “Full Growing Man” is another sing along highlight. The jam that gets me most pumped at the moment is “Used To Did” whose piano prowess deftly propels the whole shebang into full on go-crazy-at-the-concert level. This whole disc is full on, people. Get it. Crank it. And sweat it the fuck out.

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J RODDY WALSTON AND THE BUSINESS know that to be BRAVE you gotta step up to the MAN’S world and not fear DEATH

boy, if you wanna live, better die like a brave man

♫ J Roddy Walston and The Business – Brave Man’s Death

The Business is the perfect name for J Roddy’s band because that’s exactly what they get down to on in their jams. It’s dirty alt-country that sounds like it’s laced with liquor and being sung through a beard. Pour another shot, crank this anthem up, and get to stompin’ them feet! If the neighbor comes around to complain just ask him if he want’s to take it outside and then spit right next to his shoe while staring him dead in the eye. Hells yeah! Worse comes to worse and you’ll at least get to go out the way J Roddy would want. J Roddy and The Business have two more jams on the Don’t Break The Needles LP and I highly recommend you all pick it up cause it’s a pretty fantastic trifecta of gritty, twangy, and straight rockin. Fire it up along with the grill at your next weekend beer fest!

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