JW Ridley – “1990” // James Jean

“1990”, the new track from recent TBE fave JW Ridley, is a blanket you can wrap yourself with, nestling underneath folds of piano chords and spacey vocals. The best part about musical blankets? You can get snuggly in the warm summer months just as comfortably.

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[PREMIERE] Nicky Blitz – “Dynamite” // James Jean

If you have been paying attention these past few years then you already know that Nicky Blitz is dynamite. Now, for his debut label track he is making sure everyone knows by writing a song about himself… but pretending its about a girl. That is some Nicky Blitz clever shit. Love it. I can’t wait to hear more from this tiger.

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Sorcha Richardson – “Lost” + “Ruin Your Night” // James Jean

For all of us who have been smitten with Sorcha Richardson since her debut song “Petrol Station” last year the wait for new music has been a long and patient one. Lucky for use she now has 3 new songs out that reveal more of her gentle voice and minimal production. She has stitched her heart on her sleeve and its beautiful stuff.

Get Sorcha Richardson’s debut song “Petrol Station” on VINYL MOON Volume 005.

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Gabrielle Alpin – “Miss You” // James Jean

And here we have a bit of brightness and light to wrap ourselves in on this Monday. Gabrielle Alpin is apparently huge in the UK… not sure why we haven’t heard about her here in the US. But not really sure about a lot of things these days. Better to just listen to “Miss You” on repeat.