Jazz Morley – “Parallel World”

Jazz Morley – “Ruin Me” // Julie Cockburn

There is lots to love about Jazz Morely, and her honesty here on “Ruin Me” only adds to the list. Bliss out to this new track as you absorb her story behind it here.

Ruin Me about finding yourself in a bad place in life, feeling like you’re only just holding it together, and being vulnerable to another’s influence- be it good or bad. Sometimes when the world seems grey and hopeless, and you’re craving anything that isn’t mundane normality, meeting somebody new can be both exciting and dangerous.

Be sure to catch Jazz’s fantastic track “Bad Love” on Vinyl Moon Vol 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Jazz Morley – “Take Me Down” (New Immunity Remix) // Shang Chengxiang

If listening to a Jazz Morley jam is like riding the seas on the tail of a whale then this New Immunity remix is the rippling rainbow opening up in the sky above the water. Pardon me while I put on my sunglasses and try and compose myself…

I love hearing more from Jazz Morley! And now I got to dig more into these New Immunity guys… Very nice…

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JAZZ MORLEY doesn’t have BAD in her heart, she just isn’t sure she has LOVE in there yet

I’m sure ready for this going steady. As long as its with Jazz Morley…

‘Bad Love’ is about the insecurity and jealousy that comes with new love; the heady cocktail of exciting romance mixed with the fear of being burned.

Produced by the multi-talented long-time TBE fave Draper.Get into more Jazz below.

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