[EP] Jellyfish Brigade – GILLS AND A HELMET (w/ “Kerosene And Fireflies”)

he’s been alerted the end of the world will surely come, but he figured not before the purpose and his work was done

♫ Jellyfish Brigade – Kerosene And Fireflies

2011 was a great year for rapping white dudes. Well, I bet if you checked the wallets of groups like Dream Jefferson or Jellyfish Brigade you might conclude that it was the listeners that had the better time listening to this great music. Thats good, though. Tough times will keep their art sharp. Anyway, Gills And A Helmet is the EP of jams from the guys that brought us the excellent “Sunflowers” and if you vibed on that jam then you should dip into this audio aquarium. “Kerosene and Fireflies” kicks off the 6 tracks with a dark wobbly groove and that smooth story flow that makes these guys great. Stream more at their Soundcloud.

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[MP3] Jellyfish Brigade – “Sunflowers”

was in a hurry to grow but i been changing my mind and learning how to take it all in a day at a time

♫ Jellyfish Brigade – Sunflowers

Today is Thanksgiving and I can’t think of a better track to tie to the holiday than the groove-hop magic of “Sunflowers.” Portland’s Jellyfish Brigade are new to my ears and I am certainly thankful that I have heard them now. Reading the band’s story about the song shows another kind of thanks:

“Sunflowers” was created after a summer of running through the woods, jumping off of cliffs and bridges, lying with loved ones, starting fires, releasing our debut project Gills and a Helmet and growing vegetables.  Somewhere in the midst of all these happenings, we decided to write a couple songs about the fun we were having.

Thanks for summer, thanks for sun, thanks for friends, and thanks for fun. Thanks Jellyfish Brigade. Their debut EP Gills and a Helmet is out now at their Soundcloud.

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