Jessie Ware – “Soul Control”

Jessie Ware – “Tough Love” (Cyril Hahn Remix)

The masters of sexy good time music have combined forces to turn up the sexual heat so much that in 9 months there is an army of minions named after them to take over the underworld. Beware.

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 2 (July-Dec)


Screw the Oscars! Now that the site is back up we can continue the (very late) Best of 2012 Awards!

So many great songs last year. The second 6 months of jams did more than stand up to the first. So many genres colliding in this list. Beautiful songs. Funny songs. Innovative songs. Simple songs. Dance songs. Rock songs. All songs that Read more

[MP3] BenZel – “Fall In Love” + “If You Love Me” ft. Jessie Ware


i’m not looking for just an affair, wanna love that is based on truth not just dare

Read up elsewhere for the story of two Japanese teenagers who operate as BenZel. Here your eyeballs are best suited closed as you bask in the glitchy grooves and slippery beats of “Fall In Love.” Then slide into the sultry and smooth “If You love Me” as you wonder how these youngsters hooked up with London’s finest.

[LIVE] Jessie Ware @ The Bootleg 12.13.12

Jessie Ware’s “Wildest Moments” is one of my top songs of the year. But I’m not fully sold on the rest of Devotion. Beautiful? Sure. But worthy standing for in a crowded venue? I wasn’t sure. But I was damn curious. Ware took the stage a little hesitantly for her Los Angeles debut (and only 2nd US solo show ever) but by the end of the first song she was breaking into stage banter about misplaced “trousers” that had the whole crowd laughing in the palm of her hand. She continued unleashing her stunning voice and witty chat (see video below) throughout the whole set. The room was transfixed. And the music? Every song was a winner. Anything soft or dull on the record was Read more

Music Video Roundup 10.16.2012

I’m changing up the music video game around TBE and instead of posting individually will be doing weekly roundups of the week’s notable videos. Holler in the comments if you hate it. Ditto if you love it. This week has some heavy hitters. Most notably from a major softie. Thank you Jessie.

Jessie Ware – “Sweet Talk”

Cuteness of epic proportions. Always refreshing to see Read more

[LP] Jessie Ware – DEVOTION (w/ “110%”) + BONUS CORNER

no if you’re never gonna move, oh my love, you’ll make me come to you, but i’m still dancing on my own, still dancing on my own

Jessie Ware is so killing it right now. The former back-up singer for TBE alum’s like Jack Peñate (Where is he these days?), Man Like Me, and SBTRKT already dropped one of the years best songs with “Wildest Moments.” Now that I have been selfishly getting acquainted with her debut LP Devotion, I can finally come up for air long enough to make sure you get on board. It’s beautiful, sexy, and will probably stop you in your tracks on more than one song.


1. I was just thinking about that Jack Peñate connection and remembering that his backup singer from the 2009 tour (with Miike Snow!) struck a chord in my mind at the time. A quick zip through my iPhoto revealed these. She is looking a lot fitter these days but it’s still hott to know I was only an arms length away from her…

Jessie Ware on tour with Jack Pe̱ate РSeptember 2009. Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ.

2. Star Slinger on “Wildest Moments”

3. Joe Goddard on “Night Light.”

[STREAM] Jessie Ware – “Wildest Moments”

from the outside everyone must be wondering why we try 

  • Who: Jessie Ware
  • What: Sultry soul magic, like Adele, Hurts, Frank Ocean
  • Where: London, UK + Facebook
  • When: Debut LP Devotion is out this summer.
  • Why: Ware is a gorgeous girl singing gorgeous music and occasionally driving gorgeous cars through gorgeous countryside (in the video for other single “100%”). If your brain can handle the beauty then dim the lights and dive in. Music like this is sure to steam up whatever you are doing. With a history of collaborations with Sbtrkt and Sampha I’m feeling big things for this album.