[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 4.10.14 (Flume, Bernhoft, Magic!, Grizfolk, Jhameel)

More music videos to slap your eyeballs on! Rob Cantor has the coolest video I’ve ever seen of all time and my brain is still smiling from watching it. Flume gets weird and magical in space while unlikely reggae jammers Magic! fall in forbidden love. Bernhoft missis the point of being in a pool full of girls, Grizfolk show a real ass “struggle”, and Jhameel celebrates the return of Game of Thrones. Watch on!

Rob Cantor – “All I Need Is You”

Flume – Space Cadet (ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut)

Magic! – “Rude”

Bernhoft – ‘Come Around”

Grizfolk – “The Struggle”

Jhameel – “Lion’s Den”

[PREMIERE] Jhameel – “Feisty” (Cardiknox Remix)

You all know Jhameel is an old school favorite of TBE and I’d be hard pressed to list a favorite track of his but damn, this might take the cake. Jhameel has been kicking up the funk notches for a while now but Cardiknox dials back the grooves to a perfect tempo, really letting Jhameel’s voice spread. Don’t miss the original ‘Feisty’ here. And Don’t miss Cardiknox’s original material. And if (when!?) these two tour together, don’t miss that either!



Cover songs are still my favorite way for emerging bands to put their own sound on a hit song and get easy attention. However 2012 was for some reason a slow year for cover songs. Luckily a handful of bands did them well and left us with flipped and twisted takes on old classics and net hits alike. Here are my 10 favorites (#1 at the bottom). What did I miss? Read more

[COVER] Jhameel – “Thinking About You” (Frank Ocean cover)

we’ll go down this road ’til it turns from color to black and white

Jhameel has been on his cover game for a minute now but this one is out of the park. Do we credit his recent move from SF to LA? Yes we do. Yes. We. Do. Welcome, man.

[ARTICLE] The New Tastemakers

The author is actually a woman. Oops.

Five weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with a Burning Ear reader who was writing an article on the way music blogs are changing the industry. May Wildman was writing the article for The University of Maryland’s daily newspaper. She asked me questions. We talked. Or rather, I talked. She listened patiently. Perhaps napped. Who can tell. Anyway, When I followed up a few days ago to see how it was received she said the paper never published it. Something about “end of the year and a lot of other material to publish.” Just cause that paper dropped the ball doesn’t mean Wildman’s work should go unread. After all, It’s pretty damn interesting. Plus a Read more

[MP3] Jhameel – “Are You Free” & “Shadow of a Man”

i known you known him for so long but the one you love is gone

♫ Jhameel – Are You Free

It’s been over 2 years since I first posted about Oakland’s multi-talented Jhameel and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to watch both him and his music evolve into the internet dominating groove-music machine that he has become today. And he still hasn’t charged a cent for one song. Amazing. Last week he kicked off his new weekly song EP project Are You Free with the title track. It’s a rousing anthem that is perhaps the largest Jhameel song to date but suffers no loss of his fist-tight beats and hooks.

♫ Jhameel – Shadow of a Man

This week we got “Shadow of a Man,” a darker lyrical turn but still paired with a karate-quick beat and bass-plucking bounce that could toss over a Buick. If I was the type to say such things I’d mention that these songs showcase a maturing songwriting style. But I’m more the type to mention that they showcase me rocking the F out in my chair.

[LIVE] Jhameel @ The El Rey May 9th

Jhameel – Love Me Twice

Don’t think I mentioned I saw Jhameel open for Hoodie Allen on Wednesday. Don’t think I mentioned that he killed it. Don’t think I mentioned that he had the whole crowd into it. Don’t think I really needed to, though. Of course he did.

Upcoming shows:

Jun 2 – Sophia’s Thai Kitchen | Davis, CA

Plus I hear he coming back to L.A. in June. See you there.


[REMIX/COVER] Jhameel – Human Condition (Sharooz Mix) + Sonic The Hedgehog cover

we arise and shed our ignorance proclaiming acts of tolerance and generosity and patience

♫ Jhameel – Human Condition (Sharooz Mix)

Jhameel is one of the most underrated vocal talents in the game right now (not to mention all other talents) so it’s natural that people want to remix his jams. However, I know from 1st hand experience that some of the best around have tried and failed to improve on the original. So props to Sharooz for giving “Human Condition” a nice slap around, sending the song in a spacier dance direction but still keeping Jhameel’s soul embedded in the beat.

♫ Jhameel – Green Hill Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog theme)

BONUS! Here is a cover Jhameel did of the Green Hill Zone song from Sonic The Hedgehog. You’re welcome. Can we get an RAC remix of Jhameel now?