Dubstep Roundup Vol. 2 / 10.8.10 / Joel & Scott present [Major Lazer, Turboweekend, Rusko, Jinder and more ]

We’re ba-a-a-a-ack……

We’re sorry to inform you that the little tiny dude inside your ears is about to get bitch-slapped, gut checked, and probably even kicked in the nuts a little bit.  So, I hope your eardrums are ready because this shit is about to get devastating.  Ohhh yeah, and Mr. Yuck is back too.

This week, we, Joel & Scott and The Burning Ear, bring you: Dubstep Roundup Volume II.

So, go ahead, sink your teeth into this tasty bass, but as always, proceed with caution.

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♫ Major Lazer- Never Good Enough (The Killabits Remix) / O.k., you’re  welcome.  Cuz this ones good enough for everyone.  Talk about a major bass lift by the Killabits.

♫ Jinder- Youth Blood (12th Planet Flinch Remix) / This song is straight Tits.  From 12th Planet & Flinch’s high pitched electro sounds mixed with the ins and outs of that dub bass.  Eargasms….  L.A. has two of the finest dubbers around.

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JINDER was little in her YOUTH, but now sports lust for (and lips of) BLOOD

jinder youth blood

i can’t stop to do what i really should not when it feels so good

♫ Jinder – Youth Blood

Jinder used to go by ‘Little Jinder’ but has dropped the diminutive for her new single “Youth Blood.” It’s kinda weird ’cause there is a dude in the UK who goes by Jinder but I guess a name is like youth; use it or lose it dude. So yeah, the song is by “a chick with synths” in a year of “chicks with synths” and it’s about a vampire in a year of vampires but I wouldn’t write Jinder off just yet. First, she is from Sweden, which is basically a freezing-cold awesome factory. Second, she already has a solid EP under her belt. Last year’s Polyhedron EP introduced her great twinkle-in-the-shadows style (as well as her “Little” prefix) with it’s songs about the problems of love, the appeal of sex, and well, more problems with love. “I Like It Casual” confirms her quality as a songstress, but “We” and “The Love Song” are equally solid. However you want to cut it I have a feeling that Jinder is not just the next flash in the synth-babe pan.

♫ Little Jinder – I Like It Casual

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