«Flashback« Sparklehorse – Someday I Will Treat You Good + Dark Night Of The Soul w/ Danger Mouse & David Lynch

i left my baby on the side of the highway, she just couldn’t se things my way

♫ Sparklehorse – Someday I Will Treat You Good / 1995

By now most of you have heard about Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous shooting himself in the heart a few weeks ago. Beyond a free poster of the image at right on my wall in middle school I was never a big Sparklehorse fan. “Someday…” was always a jam but I just never got in further. Mark’s passing has brought forth a lot of heartfelt tributes and it;s clear that the man and his music touched a lot of people. His death also came on the heels of the announcement that his long-shelved Dark Night Of The Soul collaboration with Danger Mouse, David lynch and a roster of gust artists, was finally getting released through EMI.

♫ Dangermouse and Sparklehorse – Little Girl (featuring Julian Casablancas)

I have been loving Julian Casablancas’s contribution, “Little Girl,” for a month now and finally got ahold of the whole album. It’s interesting stuff but nothing is grabbing me like the drumming and guitar riffage on this jam. I’ve heard lots of positive review of the album and I’ll give it a few more listens (maybe). Anyone else who has sat on it longer have some thoughts?

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A Burning Ear Christmas – Part 1: Original Jams

gimpy tree

It’s crazy to think about it but Christmas is right around the corner! However, while most blogs are geeking out over their best of the year/decade lists (umm… it’s not over yet, dudes) I’ve been working to collect a couple X-mas mixes for the holiday season. If you are anything like me you can’t handle getting too deep into Christmas music until the date looms a bit closer, so I figured I would start slow. Today I’ve got a mix of pretty snazzy original Christmas songs by some great artists. Start easing yourself into the holiday spirit and next week we will get into holiday standards covered by great bands. Do I need to mention that this mix fits nicely on a CD or in an iTunes playlist? No, you got that already? Good, good.

A Burning Ear Christmas Part 1 – Original Jams

Zip file at the above link. Tracklist and individual MP3s after the jump…

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JULIAN CASABLANCAS is pissed he got 11TH in the dance-off, blaming the DIMENSION of the dacefloor

julian 11th

so when’s it coming, this life’s new great movement that i can join?

♫ Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension

This is the lead single off the upcoming album from The Strokes’ frontman. That right there is enough to be curious, and the fact that I am putting it up here is enough to know that I like it. There isn’t much more to say on it really. It’s more synthy and glittery then your typical Strokes fare but not such a departure that I wouldn’t believe it was the same band, just updated to current trends. It’s nice to see Julian take his solo stuff down Fun St. cause so many solo side-acts head to Downertown or Mellowville. Those places don’t even have a decent discotheque. Yawn. I’m definitely curious to hear new Strokes but Casablancas’ album (akwardly titled Phrazes For The Young) looks like it might tie me over just fine.

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